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The most prolific hobbyist I know...

Andrew Long - Arc40k Hall of Fame

Introducing’s newest contributor… @HobbyCrusAider aka Andrew Long. He has a long (all of the puns intended) and unstoried history at Arc40k dating all the way back to Arc40k III in 2000.

2020 Best Painted Army - Ravens of Redemption

Those that have attended the event regularly will be familiar with the high level of hobby that he brings to each and every event he’s attended.

Andrew has decided it is time to contribute to Arc40k as an organiser rather than a player, and come on board as Painting Coordinator for the 2023 event & Head Organizer of the new ArcOpen Painting Challenge.

Andrew’s hobby journey is longer than a trip from Holy Terra to Mars… without warp travel – with so much hobby experience, accolades from Golden Demon, Tournament Wins, Organization, a massive 4 times Player’s Choice Award winner and of course Arc40k 2015 Hall of Fame Inductee.

Over the coming months Hobby CrusAider will be sharing some of the hobby techniques he has been using to prepare for the 15 Arc40k events he has attended as a player.

In the future we will be sitting down and interviewing some of our Arc40k Hall of Famers, asking them questions about their Arc40k Journey, their proudest moments at the event, and what drew them to the event. Who better to start that ball rolling with, and to introduce you to Andrew, and for him to answer some of those questions first up!

What was your first experience of Arc40k?

Can you believe it - I’ve been going to Arc40k since Arc III in 2000.

Mark Morrison came into the Melbourne Games Workshop store, where I was the Manager, and wanted support promoting his 40K event. So, I signed up and joined in to make sure I knew what sort of event I was asking people to go along to. I’ve been going and inviting people to join me there ever since.

I hope a lot of people were interested in signing up to participate because of that help. Mark and his team did the hard work of making a weekend of celebrating the Warhammer Hobby that people enjoyed to join in and return to experience the best weekend of fun and camaraderie.

What is, and when was, your most satisfying achievement at Arc40k?

Being Inducted into the Hall of Fame remains the biggest privilege across all the years.

However, my most satisfying achievement was winning the Player’s Choice Award in 2017 at Arc XX. I’d had a break for a few years from doing any hobby. Yet in only my third event after returning to Arc40k I achieved what was a new level in painting, modelling and presentation - I thought it was my best work ever - luckily so many people thought the same and chose to vote for the Harlequins.

Having achieved this accolade, then what was the next challenge you set yourself or your faced?

I’ve finished top three Best Painted or Players Choice in more than 2/3rds of the Arc40k events I’ve participated in.

My best work is always the latest project and that’s how I challenge myself. There’s always a new army to paint.

What do you like most about attending an Arc40k event weekend?

For me it is seeing the Hobby everyone is bringing. The Parade of Armies is the competition I have travelled most to compete in.

So, walking the hall and seeing the best Warhammer 40,000 Armies on display in Australia is a privilege - to compete against and to be a part of that competition is so exciting has driven me to return every year.

Building and Converting, Painting, Displaying, Playing - what’s your favorite aspect/s that attending Arc40k challenges you to do?

The challenge Arc40k gives me is to try something new, develop a new skill, master a different aspect of the hobby with every new year. Because that’s a new Army to build, convert and paint.

I spent almost 6 months working to master Yellow for my 2020 Arc40k Army - Raven’s of Redemption. I tried so many different ways to paint yellow until I chose the final process. I have to say they look great.

Which area of your personal Hobby have you pushed yourself to develop because of Arc40K?

Building displays has been an area I think I’ve had to push myself to learn new skills and think outside the box. For me every display has to travel on a plane to get to Arc40k.

WIP - Display board for 2022 Tau'formers

So, not only does it have to look spectacular and present the army at it’s best - but it has to break down and fit into a suitcase or box as checked luggage. I’ve created some very unusual solutions to make the most of the little space it has to pack down into - it’s Tetris with terrain. And they’ve all arrived ready to be put back together and showcase the army.

What’s the future look like for your ongoing interaction with Arc40k?

So I’ve finally and officially joined the organizing committee. Hopefully my journey as a 15 year Arc40k veteran can make the experiences of future participants better and more fulfilling. Bring on 2023!

Describe what Arc40k means to you?

For me Arc40k gives an overarching focus for what I’m doing hobby wise. If I’m not planning, preparing or thinking about the next Arc40k Army then I’m working on a part of it. It’s the annual pinnacle of my Hobby.

So I value the ongoing direction it provides throughout the year. And then the event itself is about celebrating that involvement, having fun rolling dice, catching up with a load of mates because I live interstate and the weekend is an annual pilgrimage to Melbourne. It’s simply the best Warhammer Weekend anywhere any time.


Im sure this is just the tip of the iceberg of stories and hobby advice from this stalwart of Australian Wargaming.

A small selection of accolades and awards bestowed on Andrew over more than 15 years@Arc40k.


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