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Tim Luckman - Arc40k Hall of Fame

Every year we recognise those people who’s contribution to Arc40k is significant… in our eyes they are game changers who have made the event greater. These giants of the Arc40k hobby are inducted into our Hall of Fame.

One of our greats is a fella named Tim Luckman. As always Tim has always been happy to share and chat about his involvement and experiences at Arc40k.

He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2014 for his efforts to push the bounds of Hobby through his painting and modelling. He’s been in the top echelon of our painting awards for many years. Aspiring to and working to push his hobby and share his best.

Most recently he received his 20 Year Veteran Award. That means Tim has played 120 games of Warhammer 40,000 in the Arc40k arena. It also means 20 different army projects - Tim like many other Arc participants choose to build, paint and present a new army, every single year!

But that’s far from the beginning and the end. That’s because Tim has achieved the Best Sport Award in 2004, and finished in the top 10 overall on a number of occasions. He’s been social, competitive and painted a few good armies. His Player’s Choice award in 2005 is yet another of the boxes Tim has ticked along his Arc journey towards a legendary record of achievement.

So if you understand what we’ve outlined then Tim is the sort of Guy that has explored the breadth and pushed the boundaries of the Arc40k hobby.

So, when we asked him a few questions about his Arc40k journey - a long and esteemed path of participation and glory - he was happy to share his thoughts about his Arc experiences.

How long have you been involved in the Warhammer Hobby?ui

I started with Warhammer Fantasy in about 1983/4 and moved into 40k in 1985.

What was your first experience of Arc40k?

My first arc was the Arcanacon III in 2000. The second that was run by Mark Morrison. There were only a few of us at that event. But I remember Mark’s missions, the stories he would tell through the missions, that’s what got me hooked

What is your most satisfying achievement at Arc40k?

I really hunted Best Painted and Players Choice initially. I was lucky enough to win both at Arc40k VIII in 2005 with my Imperial Fists Army.

But being inducted into the hall of fame in 2014 was so unexpected it blew me away.

What was the next challenge you set yourself?

I’m a very average player, so I’m never gonna win the whole thing!

So, my next challenge is theme. Telling a really great story. That’s what I’m hunting now.

What do you like most about attending an Arc40k event weekend?

Catching up with great folks that I pretty much see only at the weekend each year and hanging out and having a great time. That and seeing some of the best painting and modelling projects, such great inspiration.

What’s your favourite aspect about attending Arc40k?