Paint Your Army!

Codex Fez - Rule #3

If a 40K codex contains rules for playing an army on the tabletop, then Codex Fez covers how participants are expected to go about playing and enjoying the hobby together at Arc40k.


Arc40k is renowned for the awesome hobby of its participants. Playing against fully painted armies enhances the experience of a battle in the 41st Millennium. At it’s best it takes you there…

That’s why many player’s lavish time and effort on their models specifically for this event - and this is an exciting part of Arc40k that is recognized and rewarded.

The Player’s Choice award is a competition all by itself. It is one of the most prestigious awards of the Warhammer 40,000 Hobby in Australia. Winning it is hobby achievement at the highest level.

Elaborate display and presentation boards have become a huge part of the Parade of Armies which launches every Arc40K weekend. The Parade is a time for participants to show off their army at it’s best - before a single dice is rolled.

For many this time represents the culmination of months or even years of hobby as the results of an event within an event. So there is always a huge interest as time is given for everyone to tour the venue and check out the wide range of Armies on Parade.

The reason why many hold Player’s Choice in such high regard and it is among the most prestigious of Arc40K’s awards, is because every participant has a vote to cast. So even though at it’s heart it’s a popularity contest it’s funny how the body of participants always select the right army as Player’s Choice Award and decide the best presented army.

That first stage of the event is only the beginning of Arc40k’s focus on hobby. Because not every Army can win Player’s Choice but every participant needs to be recognised for their efforts in presenting an Arc40k ready army.

That’s why every army will also earns points for their creator towards the overall event score - that’s what Paint Your Army is all about - judging the painting on the armies at the event - but scoring adds towards every player’s overall ranking.

Points scored here have in the past split ties and elevated players to the winners circle. And it’s how the painting team have helped choose the Best Painted Army winners.

So why wouldn’t you lock in points that are easy to earn before your army hits the table top for battle?

More details about the check list and Best Painted Army scoring can be seen in the latest version of the Arc40k Player Pack.

It is the hobby expectation at Arc40k that your army will be fully painted and based prior to the event

- so Paint your Army...


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