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The Warhammer 40,000 Universe is vast and inspiring...

For many hobbyists it's the motivation that draws them to collect, build, paint, play and join in events like Arc40k.

So, with a weekend of gaming ahead there is no better way to motivate the massed group of players than a truly inspirational Video. Since 2013 every Arc40k launches with a home spun Video, oozing with atmosphere and rocking lots of volume.

It’s all about pumping up the players so they are ready to unleash their enthusiasm on the awesome time awaiting them!

Check them out - you might be inspired to join us at Arc40k next year.


Legends & Lore tell the Arc40k story...

Shortly after Arc40k 2023, our friends at the Legends & lore YouTube channel dropped this video about the event. It captures the very essence of what Arc40k is about, playing the game we love, with mates both old and new. 

It's where legends are made... 

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Despite the best efforts of Father Nurgle - Arc40k returns for 2022!
Play for Fun, Be a Good Winner, Paint your Damn Army, Dont be a Prick...
Arc40k starts... NOW!

Edited by Vaimoa Asa Leuasa
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