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ArcPoint 2024 


Step into a galaxy far, far away at ArcFest 2024 as we unveil our latest attraction: a Star Wars Shatterpoint that will immerse you in epic battles across the stars. Players will command their favourite iconic Star Wars characters engaging in strategic skirmishes that will determine the fate of the galaxy. Whether you choose to lead the noble forces of the Rebel Alliance, the relentless legions of the Galactic Empire, or the cunning warriors of the Separatist Alliance, prepare for an unforgettable gaming experience that will transport you to the heart of the Star Wars universe. May the Force be with you as you embark on this thrilling adventure!

The ticket price is $85 (including your entry to the convention on both days).

Please refer to this page for general information about ArcFest.


Player Pack 

 Our Players Pack is online this year. We can now add more details as they are announced, respond to feedback,  make changes based upon publication releases that arrive before April 2024.

We have created this player pack to consolidate the important information prior to attending the ArcPoint Tournament. 


We want to make sure you have the best time at ArcPoint, so please read this pack carefully so you are not missing any important details prior to the event!


As always, please direct any queries to your friendly TO’s via contact details below

Last Edited:  17th March 2024


 27th & 28th April 2024


Sandown Racecourse, Princes Hwy Sandown.

Venue has a large car park.



The ArcFest Schedule will be announced at a later date to avoid time clashes with other events.  Stay Tuned.



ArcPoint will consist of 5 (potentially 6 if there is are 32 or more players) Swiss Rounds of Shatterpoint.


ArcPoint will be using Atomic Mass Games official Premiere Showdown Event rules, meaning that each player will have to bring four strike teams. Please refer to the Premiere Showdown Event rules here.


Players may refer to the Premiere Showdown Event rules for Event Round Times, Mission Critical format, Pairings format, etc.

Once a ticket has been purchased, you must also sign up to the event management software here.


  • Your army 

  • Printed army lists

  • Dice, Tape measure, Tokens etc

  • Water bottle

  • Phone capable of accessing QR codes

Event Rules

Event Arbiters

The event organiser will be the lead arbiter for the event. Arbiters are there to assist players in situations where players are unsure as to a rules interaction. There is nothing wrong with calling an arbiter to your table to make a ruling. Where there is a dispute, it is encouraged that an arbiter be involved to resolve the dispute. An arbiter’s decision will be final, even if it is later found to be incorrect.

More information about arbiters is available in the Premiere Showdown Event rules, found here.


The use of painted models is not required for the event. However, painting is highly encouraged as painted models not only look great, but there will also be painting prizes!


Tournament Software & List Submission

ArcPoint will be using Longshanks to run the event pairings and record results. Players will be required to submit their Premiere Strike Teams to Longshanks (here) at least 24 hours prior to the start of ArcFest (i.e., no later than 9am on Friday the 26th of April).

Please remember to also select the mission pack that you intend to use for the entirety of ArcPoint.

Please enter SPT codes for your Premiere Strike Team. Most team-builders of choice have the capacity to export SPT codes, such as Point Break and Hunker Strike. Exported SPT codes can be directly pasted into Longshanks.


Allowed Products & Rules

ArcPoint will allow the use of all Star Wars Shatterpoint products available and fully released as of the 25th of April 2024. The rules for conversions etc. are available in the Premiere Showdown Event rules (here). As this is an Atomic Mass Games sponsored event, proxied models will generally not be allowed.

ArcPoint will use any Star Wars Shatterpoint documents and Rules Forum Rulings effective as of the 25th of April 2024. General Star Wars Shatterpoint rules documents can be found here, whilst the Rules Forums Rulings website can be found here.

A Note on Round Timings

As per the Premiere Showdown Event rules, all game rounds will be 120min + a variable extra amount of time. Mission Critical will be in effect after 90min for all rounds. Rounds will start a minimum of 10min after each round is drawn. Each player will have a maximum of 10min after time is up to complete their turn and submit scores. If a player turn has not been finished more than 10min after the round time has been reached, an arbiter will instruct you on calculating the final scores.

Please consider your opponent when playing your turns. Try to make decisions within a reasonable timeframe as time is shared. If your opponent is taking too long on their turn, feel free to call an arbiter.

Awards & Prizes

ArcPoint organisers will be providing the following Trophies as Prizes:

1st Place Overall

2nd Place Overall

3rd Place Overall

Best Painted Individual Miniature (determined by one of the event organisers)

Best Painted Strike Team (determined by one of the event organisers)

 Additionally, there will be a Trophy for ‘Favourite Opponent’, which will be determined by the most player votes for that player.

Additional prizes may be provided by Let’s Play Games (an official sponsor of ArcFest)

Various other prizes will be awarded across the weekend.

Additional Questions or Clarifications

If you have any additional questions before the event, please reach out to Tom Harper at, who will hopefully be able to answer your Shatterpoint-related question directly, or put you in touch with someone who can.

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