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Arcromunda is a fast-paced narrative Necromunda campaign run over 2 days where participants fight and build the reputation of a Necromundan Gang. The tournament utilises custom campaign rules to allow gangs to advance and improve as well as allowing players the opportunity to use all of the models in their collections. 

Players earn reputation each game and that tallies across the event to decide the best Gang Leader.  Table top behaviours are scored for each game and this decides the Best Sport. Painting standards are checked and a Parade of Gangs takes place to help decide the Best Painted. While the Overall Champion is the one who scores the most combined points.

This event sees hobbyists coming together so they can share the benefits and enjoyment of being part of a wider community. It's about presenting a Gang of painted models; being challenged by interesting and unusual missions built around a narrative, seeing and being  inspired by everyone’s hobby and having a load of fun along the way.


Arcromunda is the latest event to model itself on Arc40k’s Codex:Fez principles to establish a fun game play experience that celebrates all the aspects of the Necromunda Hobby. Each year has a new theme and a new story for participants to enjoy and for their Gangs to write new Stories within.

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