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ArcFinity 2024 


Welcome to ArcFinity at ArcFest. It is 2 days of Corvus Belli's Infinity fun! Prepare to be immersed in the futuristic realms where cutting-edge technology meets strategic prowess. Join fellow commanders in shaping the destiny of the distant galaxies, where every decision reverberates across the stars. From intense skirmishes to fun casual play, ArcFinity offers a dynamic experience for players of all skill levels.

More information will be released in the coming weeks highlighting more about this awesome addition to ArcFest. 

Player Pack 

 Our Players Pack is online this year. We can now add more details as they are announced, respond to feedback,  make changes based upon publication releases that arrive before April 2024.

We have created this player pack to consolidate the important information prior to attending the ArcFinity Tournament. 


We want to make sure you have the best time at ArcFinity, so please read this pack carefully so you are not missing any important details prior to the event!


As always, please direct any queries to your friendly TO’s via contact details below

Last Edited:  16th January 2024


 27th & 28th April 2024


Sandown Racecourse, Princes Hwy Sandown.

Venue has a large car park.



The ArcFest Schedule is available here




No Extras

ITS15 (please download a copy of the latest tournament pack here


Round 1: Superiority

Round 2: Frostbyte

Round 3: Acquisition

Round 4: Mindwipe

Round 5: Cutthroat

If you haven’t already, please download COMLOG from the app store. It’s an excellent online resource with the latest tournament missions. 





  • Your army (with LoF facing marked)

  • Printed army lists

  • Printed courtesy lists

  • Dice, Tape measure, Tokens etc

  • Classified deck

  • Water bottle

  • Phone capable of accessing QR codes

  • HVTs, Defensive Turrets, QAZ Templates and QAZ Creatures


Please register for the event via the CB official tournament manager. This really helps Corvus Belli develop the game we love further and goes towards overall rankings at the end of the year. LInk to register on OTM

Awards & Prizes

1st Overall - Trophy & Prize

2nd Overall - Trophy & Prize

3rd Overall - Trophy & Prize

Best Sports - Trophy & Prize

Best Table - Trophy & Prize

Best Newcomer - Trophy & Prize

Last place - Prize (Hopefully some good luck for next time also)


Painting Awards

Player's Choice Roster - Top 3 (Players Vote)  - Trophy & Prize

Best Painted - Trophy & Prize

Various other prizes will be awarded across the weekend.

Battle Scoring 


Games at ArcFinity wil be scored as follows.

Battle Scoring.png

Best Table 


At the end of five rounds, you will be asked to fill out a final form nominating your top three tables on the day. How you judge these tables is up to you. They can be based on how they look, how they played, theme, character, paint job etc.


We want you to choose your top three, awarding them in descending order

3pts - First choice

2pts - Second choice

1pt - Third choice

Sportsmanship Scoring

At ArcFinity, we take sportsmanship and fair play very seriously and have a dim view towards negative or aggressive behaviour.

We also want to reward those players who go out of their way to provide a memorable game for their opponent and epitomise the “Spirit of Infinity”.

Therefore, on each scoring sheet, you will be asked to rate your opponent out of five using the below rubric. The highest scoring player after five rounds will win the Sports Award! 

Paint Scoring

Players must bring models that are painted to a minimum standard of 3 colours as per the ArcFest model policy.

To encourage players we will be running a Painting award to the player who scores the highest after five rounds. 

Please see the below rubric to score your opponent.

Scores are somewhat subjective so use your common sense and be fair.

Painting Rubric.JPG
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