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ArcFest 2024 - Model Policy 


ArcFest is a large independent convention providing experiences for the miniature wargaming enthusiast. ArcFest promotes strategy and competition at the tournament level while encouraging the expression of modeling expertise in all its myriad forms. To help ensure that both above aspects of the hobby are acknowledged there are a few rules regarding the appropriateness of models used during the convention that must be followed. These rules, attempt to balance personal preferences, event & gaming requirements, & our industry partners who are contributing to the event. 

Last Edited:  24th October 2023

1. General Rules for ALL Events

1.1.   Minimum Painting Requirement

ALL models, for ALL game systems must be painted to a 3-color minimum standard unless otherwise specified in the event rules. This means that an honest attempt to paint all models MUST be exhibited and that 3 colors have not been simply applied to circumvent this policy. Judges have the final say in what constitutes the spirit of this policy. As a rule, if someone feels the need to justify why a model is completed, it probably isn’t. If you cannot meet this requirement, please contact us.


1.2.    Base Sizes

Models MUST use the current factory provided base sizes. Older, out of print versions of models are legal so long as they meet the following two requirements: One, models are updated to the current factory provided base size. Two, the size/profile of the older model is not materially different from the current version such that it would affect gameplay. For example, older versions of Space Marines Terminators are likely acceptable. Older versions of the Eldar Avatar are not. If you are unsure of the current factory provided base size for your models, please contact us.


1.3.    WYSIWYG

Units must always be represented by appropriate models. This is the single, most important rule. The 'What You See Is What You Get' (WYSIWYG) rule is in effect for all tournaments. That means all units MUST be easily identifiable as the choice they represent and that all weapons/options taken for a unit MUST be clearly represented on the model(s). Painting units different colours is not enough to make a unit WYSIWYG, all weapons/options must be clearly modelled. Named Characters MUST be represented by actual models from the manufacturer.


Models not appropriately represented will be removed from the game.   



  • If your army includes Abaddon, then your army must include the Games Workshop Abaddon model as Abaddon.

  • If a unit has a Meltagun, then a weapon that is a Meltagun must be modelled onto a model in the unit.

  • Grenades & other equipment (Not weapons), that come included in a units points do not need to be modelled.


1.4.      Manufacturer Models 

Unless otherwise specified in the event rules, or by receiving express written tournament organizer approval, your army should be primarily constructed of models from the given game system and the appropriate model range(s). Supplementing your army with models from outside the game system, or with third-party/3D-printed add-ons, is acceptable but should NOT be the norm. More clarity on what is acceptable beyond miniatures from the manufacturer is detailed in the SCRATCH-BUILT, COUNTS-AS & 3rd Party Models sections (below).



  • If you are playing in a Games Workshop event your models should be primarily constructed using Games Workshop models.

1.5.     Manufacturer Models where a game does not have a specific Manufacturer 

Game systems that do not have a dedicated model range (e.g., some historical games) may use any

appropriate models to represent their force(s) if they are within the spirit of the game system and

force which they represent.


1.6.     Model Sizes

The size and shape of all model bases MUST be appropriate for the given game system. Models,

such as vehicles that do not require bases MUST maintain the intended size, shape, aesthetic

consistency, and height of the model represented.

1.7.     Model Appropriateness 

Models/armies should be appropriate for a family-friendly event. When in doubt, models should

adhere to a typical PG-13 rating. ArcFest reserves the right to remove any models deemed


2. Scratch-Built 

2.1.   Scratch built models

Scratch built models and conversions can be used for units, but must adhere to the following  guidelines:


  • Models may NOT contain significant elements of pre-assembled and/or pre-painted models or toys.

  • Models MUST be consistent with the look and feel of the game system they belong in.

  • Scratch built models should aesthetically evoke the production-quality models they are intended to represent. For clarity, printed paper models or models constructed from building blocks (Lego, etc.) DO NOT meet this requirement.

  • 3D printed parts and accessories may be used on any models in your army. Parts and accessories are added onto game manufactured models. (Shoulder Pads, extra details, muzzle flash, heads) Parts does not include weapons swaps (see 1.3.).

3. Counts As Models

3.1.   Counts As Models

Count-as armies are allowed at ArcFest as long as they follow all the above rules and restrictions. The onus is on the owning player to alleviate all avenues of confusion that might result from using count-as models/armies. Count-as models MUST be WYSIWYG, appropriately equipped and sized accordingly to best represent the model/unit in question. Count-as armies should demonstrate exceptional effort when it comes to conversions, simply using an existing army with a different set of rules (as a proxy) is NOT allowed.


  • The onus being in exceptional modelling, not extra peripherals to help opponents understand what they are looking at.

  • Counts-As armies MUST still follow all the rules of this model policy.

4. 3D Printed Models & 3rd Party Models

4.1.   3D Printed Models & 3rd Party Models.

We would like to see 3D printers used to enhance the ArcFest hobby experience of its participants, however, we also want to make sure we maintain that same level of quality the event is known for. There needs to be balance between creativity, gaming & event requirements, personal preferences, and our industry partners who are contributing to the event also.  The following guidelines represent that balance.


  • 3D printed parts and accessories may be used on any models in your army. Parts and accessories are added onto game manufactured models. (Shoulder Pads, extra details, muzzle flash, heads).

  • No fully 3D printed models. (See below for exceptions).

  • Fully 3D printed models from 3rd Party Manufacturers from the Approved Ranges List (below), like Victoria Miniatures, printed by a player, printed by a 3D printing service or purchased directly, are acceptable. Models printed from approved ranges should aesthetically evoke the production-quality models they are.  Poor quality prints will be removed from play (Obvious layer lines, unclear details).

  • Players can submit for approval of a 3rd Party Manufacturer, if, the 3rd Party has a webstore, the models are not in breach of IP (a 3D substitute for an existing model), the models reasonably represent what you’re taking them as (size & shape, aesthetic). Are paid for. Free STL’s will not be approved.  Approved submissions will be added to the Approved Ranges List and made available to all participants. Submissions are to be made by Contact Us link.  Submissions cannot be made directly to a TO. 

  • The Approved Ranges List is below.

  • Currently we are not approving home designs, or designs available online for free.


4.2.   Approved Ranges List.


Please note, agreements with our industry partners may preclude us from admitting fully 3D-printed models in some events. There is an exceptions list from our industry partners who support our event.

In extreme circumstances, ArcFest reserves the right to disallow the use of any model, scratch-built

model or conversion in any tournament due to playability or aesthetic reasons.

ArcFest reserves the right to amend or change this policy in accordance with new industry partners or as a result of adding more clarity for players.


This policy does not apply to the ArcOpen miniature painting competition.

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