Forged for Fun

Codex Fez - Rule #4

If a 40K codex contains rules for playing an army on the tabletop, then Codex Fez covers how participants are expected to go about playing and enjoying the hobby together at Arc40k.


Build an Army list that’s forged for fun!

Forged for Fun starts well before a single dice is rolled. When players start working on their army list we expect them to not just look for what will smash opponents the most. We expect everyone to be considerate of potential opponents and the experience they will have.

Crushing all before you in a cutthroat and ruthlessly efficient manner might seem fun at the time… but that’s only one side of the table. We don’t want players to follow a ‘meta’ or download internet ‘power lists’ - they’re not fun to play against.

Ravens of Redemption battling Custodes - 2020

Nobody wants to have half or all their army shot off the board in the first turn. Nor do they want to face units that are unkillable because of stacked traits and stratagems.

Equally as poor to play against is an army with just too many models. You may collect a hoard but having loads of models to manage, that slow down the turn and the game… that’s likely to be not fun to play against.

So leave the masses of models for that narrative weekend or among your mates who understand your obsession. It’s and event, with a time limit and everyone wants to play all the turns available.

Is the picture any clearer? Everyone makes a huge commitment to attend an Arc40k event weekend. The reward should be about participating in a weekend of fun, enjoyable, gaming.

Some people will travel from further than just down the road or across town, and it’s important that the commitment from all players earns them buckets of fun! If they don’t then who‘s responsible.

Well that’s why each of the opponents you rolled dice against are the only people who understand what your army list was like to play against on the table top. So, that’s why they will be scoring your army and gauging if it was forged to be fun to play against.

Armies which leave a wake of dissatisfied and disappointed opponents are not what Arc40k is about. Through the Forged for Fun scoring system, your army is ranked and that score will impact more on your final event standing than the points you’ll have earned grinding each of them into submission for a victory points haul.

Winning all your games, crushing all your enemies that have stood before you, isn’t the ultimate measure of a Champion.

Playing for Fun, Not being that Guy, Painting your Army, and bringing an army Forged for Fun are all vital ingredients for becoming the Champion as well as everyone at Arc40k having great experience.


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