Don’t be That Guy!

Codex Fez - Rule #2

If a 40K codex contains rules for playing an army on the tabletop, then Codex Fez covers how participants are expected to go about playing and enjoying the hobby together at Arc40k.


Don’t be that Guy is the etiquette of interacting with others. It’s all about a line where good sporting behavior ends and opponents aren’t being respected - at a large hobby event like Arc40k it’s what will ultimately impact negatively on your event total.

Sportsmanship is the cornerstone of Arc40k. The weekend is about having a good time with good mates. It’s a chance to catch up and enjoy our hobby by playing some games. Many of our Champions have seen themselves crowned the winner based upon their great sportsmanship scores.

The last thing anyone of us wants is having all the fun ruined because an opponent is acting like a jerk! None of us needs to be told, and told again, what we did or didn’t do every minute of the turn!

Warhammer 40,000 is a deep, complex game, constantly changing, with many varied and nuanced rules and interactions. Few people know the length and breadth of those rules. So be cool, chill, and let your opponents do the things they need to do. Ask them politely what’s going on if you’re not sure. And, if you’re asked to clarify something about what you’re doing or the rule you are using then be considerate and polite. Most people ask questions when they honestly don’t know what you are doing.

Take a deep breath, smile and be clear - if they’ve asked then tell your opponent what is going to happen next. Sometimes it helps to ask if they understand what you’ve explained. Always, let them know what you need to roll, then roll your dice. Pick up the fails and leave the hits before scooping them up and rolling the wounds.

No one attending an Arc40k event is playing for sheep stations - you’re really not. But because there’s so much more to gain by how you respect your opponents - then do what you can to help them understand what’s happening and have some fun too.

Players that come along looking to enjoy a weekend’s worth of hobby immersion, one’s seeking to achieve positive interactions with their opponents, and accepting the results of rolling some dice are quite often the ones walking away with the best memories. Most importantly these are the players at the end of our events with more sportsmanship points than those who might have chosen to come with a win at all costs mindset.

Ultimately, when the games are over and the dust settles make sure you’re on good terms with your opponent. When it’s time to complete ArcScore* each round, your opponent will be the one scoring you on sportsmanship.

So Tom make the most of the weekend Don’t be that Guy.


*ArcScore is Arc40k’s app that allows players to track and score their weekend at our event.


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