What makes it Arc40k?

Arc40k - balanced by Fez

If you only attend one event in your Warhammer 40,000 hobby lifetime - then this is that event!

But what makes Arc40k an incredible experience?

It’s personal and unique for everyone who attends. But let’s see if we can sum up why you need to attend Australia’s Premier Warhammer 40,000 Event.

This event is different because there is a core of players who get what Arc40k is all about and they return year after year after year!

Why wouldn’t you do everything you can to participate in Australia’s best Warhammer Hobby Event?

If you grab a ticket to participate then you enter a community looking to share and celebrate the best aspects of the Warhammer 40k Hobby.

You’ll do more than just play some games, your experiences will span a weekend filled with fun, inspired by the best Hobby on display anywhere in the world and share in the glory of victory, and sportsmanship executed at the highest of levels…

That’s when being an Arc40k participant is at it’s best. But most importantly you take away what you bring to the table!

It’s an unbelievable experience simply accepting the challenge of being a participant and working towards being ready for Arc40k!

But, there’s a team that brings this event to life every year - we’ve won almost every accolade we hope you may be striving to achieve. Everyone who is involved in bringing Arc40k alive every year have been participating, organizing, or among the winners circle for an incredible number of events.

Their experiences are what drives them to support Arc40k and it inspires them to strive to put the event on to see new Champions, Players Choice and Best Sports - so that many others can experience the kind of success they know only an event like Arc40k can provide.

That’s a huge strength of the Arc40k organizing team and the community of players as well. But there’s also the four pillars of Arc40k - celebrating our hobby and giving us the points to victory for a succession of champions each year:

Play For Fun

The player with the most Victory Points at the end of each game will be the winner. In a true Arc40k tradition all our missions are designed to be uniquely challenging, some would say outside the box, and then we may even mix it up with mission specific Primary and Secondary objectives.

Don’t be that Guy

Sportsmanship is a cornerstone of Arc40k traditions. The event is about having a good time with good mates, a chance to catch up and enjoy sharing all the best hobby has to offer. Warhammer is more complex than any organized sport. But the behaviour of our players is paramount. Our Best Sport is among the highest honours you can achieve at any Arc40k.

Paint Your Army!

Playing against fully painted armies enhances the experience of any battle played in the 41st Millennium. Many player’s lavish time and effort on their models specifically for this event - and this is a part of Arc40k that elevates the event. It is the hobby expectation at Arc40k that your army will be fully painted and based prior to the event.

But Arc40k is known for the awesome Hobby of its participants. The Painting and Presentation awards at Arc40k see the best exponents of the hobby step up to compete in one of the most hotly contested competitions.

Forged for Fun

There are so many combinations you can take and variations of lists… It’s impossible for an individual or group to be across them all!

So it’s not about chasing meta it’s what you take in your army that is important in making sure the games you play are fun for both you and your opponent. Your army is marked on how it was to play against.

Playing for Fun, Not Being that Guy, Painting your Army, and bringing an army Forged for Fun are all ingredients for making the most of participating in Arc40k.


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