Awesome Display Boards

A great display board can take any army to the next level… it is the single biggest thing that will add buckets of WOW when showing off your army to its best.

Having a well executed Display Board gives any army on parade a strong point of focus. The best ones create, add to or strengthen the story of the army. A good display board will also support the colour scheme and connects the whole army together as a coherent display.

If you plan to have a display or presentation board for your army it might help to have something in mind even before commencing building any models, or making their bases…

The Raven's of Redemption are a great example of how the display board does all the work in making the army look it’s best. The entire force is spilling out of their fortress who’s walls provide fire points. Together with two Statue topped spires the central window includes a rendering of the army badge.

For this force the same scenery pieces and materials are incorporated into the bases as well as the display.

Colour can also play a significant part in linking things together. For instance green is a great counterpoint colour to yellow. So it sits strongly on the fallen building pieces scattered among the bases on this army. And the ruined building pieces framing the display are painted in the same colours.

Grey and brown used on the statues and dirt of the bases mirrors those colours used on the floor and back wall of the display board. So these bases do an excellent job of planting the models onto the Board. Even with a black edge to every base they still blend into the display.

And of course as the grey, greens and browns are muted and low in tonal volume the yellow armor of the miniatures pops - making every model stand out.

A final trick linking it all together is that every base has small propaganda flyers have been printed and cut out. These are scattered on the walls and fallen pillars, as well as across the bases of the entire army…

Elaborate display and presentation boards are a huge part of the Parade of Armies which launches every Arc40K weekend. The Parade is a time for participants to show off their army at it’s best - before a single dice is rolled. Check out some of the many awesome armies in our Galleries of year by year photos.


The Ravens of Redemption display proved a worthy Best Painted Army at Arc40k 2020 as well as appearing in the finals show of Warhammer Commiunity’s Armies on Parade 2020.


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