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Fate lays with Guardians of the Galaxy

In the midst of a galaxy engulfed in chaos, the ancient and enigmatic Aeldari stands on the precipice of extinction. Their mastery of elegant weaponry, refined psychic abilities, and their unparalleled manipulation of fate make them a formidable force in the new edition of Warhammer 40,000.

This highly mobile army, comprising specialized units, dances through battle lines like the ebb and flow of the tide, delivering surgical strikes and evading reprisals.

So let’s delve into the Aeldari's unique gameplay mechanics and their ability to reshape destiny in their favor.

The Power of Fate:

In the tumultuous battles waged by the Aeldari, their ability to weave the skeins of destiny is a formidable advantage. At the onset of each battle, Aeldari commanders embark on a Strands of Fate roll, an intricate process that allows them to shape the outcomes of crucial moments.

Let’s look at the intricacies of this powerful mechanic and explore how it can turn the tide of battle in favor of the Aeldari.

As an Aeldari player, at the beginning of the battle, you commence the Strands of Fate roll by rolling twelve six-sided dice (D6). If desired, you have the option to re-roll all of these dice.

However, each time you opt for a re-roll, one less D6 is rolled. You can continue re-rolling in this manner until you are content with the results or have only a single D6 remaining. The remaining dice after your final re-roll become your Fate dice for the entirety of the battle.

These results are set in stone and cannot be further altered, unless specifically stated by a rule.

Once your Fate dice are determined, set them aside as your final Fate dice pool.

Before making any dice roll for a model or unit in your army equipped with the Strands of Fate ability, you have the opportunity to utilize one of the Fate dice from your pool.

Simply select a Fate dice and substitute it for the respective dice roll.

The substituted dice is not rolled; instead, the chosen Fate dice's value is utilized as if it had been rolled. This unmodified value is applied for all rules purposes.

It’s important to note that each Fate dice can only be used in this manner once. After utilizing a Fate dice, remove it from your Fate dice pool and roll any remaining dice that are part of that specific dice roll.

The Versatility of Fate Dice:

The Fate dice can be employed across a range of dice rolls, offering immense versatility on the battlefield. They can be used for any of the following types of dice rolls:

  • Advance roll: Alter the result of an advance roll using a Fate dice from your pool - you can guarantee how far you will move across the tabletop.

  • Hit roll: Substitute the value of a Fate dice for a hit roll, enhancing your chances of success.

  • Battle-shock test: Utilize a Fate dice to influence the outcome of a battle-shock test, bolstering your unit's morale and ensuring they stay in the fight longer.

  • Saving throw: Opt for a Fate dice substitution to augment a saving throw, providing an additional layer of protection for that hero or model controlling an objective.

  • Wound roll: Enhance your unit's offensive capabilities by utilizing a Fate dice to modify a wound roll. It could help make the difference between wiping out an opposing unit or not.

  • Charge roll: Improve your chances of successfully charging an enemy unit by substituting a Fate dice for a charge roll. Get those Howling Banshees into combat when you want them to be there.

  • Damage roll: Utilize a Fate dice to influence the outcome of a damage roll, potentially maximizing the inflicted harm.

The Aeldari's mastery of the Strands of Fate is a testament to their ancient wisdom and foresight. By rolling and manipulating their Fate dice, Aeldari commanders can alter the outcomes of vital dice rolls, turning the tide of battle in their favor.

This potent ability affords them unmatched versatility and adaptability on the battlefield, allowing for strategic decision-making and the utilization of precise tactical maneuvers.

With the Aeldari Battle Host Detachment rule, mastery over fate extends even further, granting the ability to re-roll one Hit and Wound roll when shooting or engaging in combat. Through these mechanics, a skilled Aeldari player can turn seemingly unfavorable rolls into triumphs.

Psychic Prowess and Farseers:

Accompanied by Farseers, Aeldari troops on the battlefield harness acute psychic powers capable of enveloping enemy units in coruscating Eldritch Storms.

Farseers possess the ability to manipulate fate even further with their Branching Fates, transforming low rolls into a guaranteed 6.

Their Fortune power grants blessings upon allied units, worsening incoming Wound rolls by 1, providing a crucial advantage against formidable foes.

Unlike their psychic counterparts from other races, Aeldari do not suffer damage when their powers fail, showcasing their resilience and mastery over the Warp.

Even the Aeldari's citizen-soldiers, the Guardian Defenders, are skilled warriors with superior experience compared to their counterparts in lesser races. Armed with deadly shuriken catapults and heavy weapon platforms, they form a versatile backbone for the Aeldari army.

These Defenders of Fate generate new Fate dice for each objective they hold, reinforcing their role in shaping the outcome of battles. That helps guarantee a varied pool of dice to influence the fate of battle.

Among the Aeldari's eclectic arsenal, few weapons are as iconic or feared as the prism cannon.

Its sophisticated firing array projects laser beams amplified through crystal prisms, capable of piercing tanks or obliterating infantry. By employing Linked Fire, multiple Fire Prisms can chain their beams together, ensuring that their prey cannot escape.

This exemplifies the mercurial and elusive nature of the Aeldari, as they feign retreats, masking their presence, and leaving opponents' plans in disarray.

Mastering Deception: The Battle Host Detachment

Embracing their deceptive style of warfare, the Aeldari's Battle Host Detachment employs the Fire and Fade tactic to unleash devastating barrages of firepower before swiftly evading the enemy's reach.

These tactical flexibility exemplify the Aeldari's ability to outmaneuver their foes and strike with precision.

Overall, the Aeldari's gameplay mechanics and abilities in the new edition of Warhammer 40,000 embody their race's desperate struggle for survival and their determination to alter the course of fate. Will you join their struggle and face the Galaxy with a firepower strong, but fragile force of Aeldar?

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