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Should World Eater’s Players be Angry?

If you're a World Eater's player, you might be all too familiar with the feeling of excitement as that much anticipated new codex arrives…

Only to be have it turn to disappointment as it’s overshadowed by an expansive new edition with a hard reset!

It's De’ja Vu and Groundhog Day... again. New Khorne Codex = new edition reset!

Fear not, because the World Eaters have new rules in Warhammer 40,000's 10th edition, and this time they're here to stay...we hope.

So put aside your crisp new codex - again - and let's take a look at what the latest free downloadable rules might have in store for these bloodthirsty warriors and their insatiable appetite for destruction.

A Symphony of Violence

If there's one thing the World Eaters excel at, it's brutal close combat.

This faction is the definition of "all brawn and no brain," and they revel in it. Chaos in the 10th edition will see friends turn against each other and worlds burn. So the World Eaters should be having a blast.

They have an unparalleled talent for bloodletting, and now that everyone's a bit tougher, they have all the time in the world to indulge in their favorite pastime. Blood for the Blood God!

Don't let their lack of subtlety fool you. The sons of Angron are surprisingly adept at seizing objectives and holding their ground. They can lock down their territory while their warriors go on a rampage in search of blood, skulls, and other delightful things.

The Fickleness of Khorne

Khorne, like any Chaos God, can be a bit unpredictable. However, the World Eaters seem to enjoy his favor more often than most.

The Blessings of Khorne army rule captures the fluctuating attention of their patron deity. It involves rolling a pool of eight dice each battle round to channel Khorne's power. Yep, eight dice, because why make it easy, right?

So, what do you do with these rolls? Well, you spend them to upgrade your army with potent effects chosen from a list of six powerful abilities. It's like a shopping spree, but instead of clothes or gadgets, you're stocking up on brutal mayhem.

Make sure to accompany your choice with a furious warcry for maximum effect. 'Blood for the Blood God' is the most appropriate chant at this time, as we channel GW's early noughties games nights!

Each boon lasts until the end of the battle round, affecting all the units in your army (except daemonic allies because they're just not capable of such awesomeness).

With a range of options at your disposal, you can pick exactly what the Blood God ordered for the impending butchery.

And hey, guess what? You get to pick two of them, so a lucky roll can supercharge your turn with speed, durability, or raw power. Decisions, decisions!

So it’s Berzerkers Unleashed!

Khorne Berzerkers are the backbone of any World Eaters force. Picture them as a crimson tide of rage, charging across the battlefield with chainblades roaring a bloodthirsty anthem to the Blood God's might. They're the perfect blend of armored durability and battle-crazed skill.

Once an enemy attracts their ire, they can unleash a startling Blood Surge of speed. Better watch out!

With an Objective Control characteristic of 2 and terrifying melee capabilities, Berzerkers are your go-to choice for brawling over objectives. And to make your Blessings of Khorne rolls more reliable, you can equip them with an Icon of Khorne. Who doesn't love reliable blessings when there's carnage to be had?

The Red Angel Returns - here Angron... But he's back already! Well in the new edition he's described as an unbanishable daemon — persistent and relentless. With each sweep of Samni'arius and Spinegrinder, Angron can bisect whole squads of Space Marines. With 18 attacks hitting on a 2+ at strength 8, with -2AP he’s sweeping units off the board like swinging a broom!

And don’t forget that as a World Eaters unit Angron benefits from all the benefits of the currently active Blessing. Sustained Hits on a sweep anyone?

Reborn in Blood returns as an ability that directly interacts with your Blessings of Khorne, so plant a few Icons of Khorne atop blood-soaked objectives to make it even more likely that a slain Daemon Primarch will come roaring back onto the field. If you manage to roll 6 three times when making a Blessing of Khorne roll at the start of the battle round instead of using them to pick from the Blessings you can instead resurrect Angron.

Blood, Sweat, and Chaos Unleashed

In the grim darkness of the 41st millennium, the World Eaters stand as the embodiment of brutality and unyielding violence.

With high Strength, Attacks, and AP values across the board, every World Eaters unit hits like a rampaging truck with no brakes. These warriors don't rely on tricks or subtle strategies—they charge headlong into battle, leaving a trail of devastation in their wake.

The Blessings of Khorne allow the World Eaters to adapt on the move, empowering their forces with just the right type of senseless violence at the perfect moment. And let's not forget the potential resurrection of their unstoppable Daemon Primarch, Angron, amidst a gore-fueled frenzy.

From the Khorne Berzerkers, whose crimson tide sweeps across the battlefield, to the mighty Lord of Skulls with its upgraded daemongore cannon, the World Eaters bring an arsenal of raw power and unyielding fury.

Even when faced with the relentless guns of their foes, the World Eaters have a Stratagem up their blood-soaked sleeves. They can corrupt a battlefield consecrated by the deaths of their own warriors, showing their opponents that not even the last few Berzerkers on an objective can keep them from scoring.

So, if you seek an army that revels in carnage, embraces chaos with a smile, and leaves no room for subtlety or cowardice, then join the ranks of the World Eaters. They are the blunt object of intense trauma, riding an overwhelming wave of hyperviolence and bloodshed.

Prepare yourself, for the World Eaters have returned, and they're ready to make their mark on the 10th edition of Warhammer 40,000. Let the galaxy tremble and the blood flow as the World Eaters carve their path of destruction.

Remember, in the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war, and the World Eaters are at the forefront, laughing and reveling in the chaos they unleash upon the battlefield.

"Khorne approves this message with a maniacal laugh..”

You don’t have to sacrifice any Blood to the Blood God to support Arc40k or get the latest additions to your Worldeaters Army. Click the link and check out what you need to expand your hobby collection at Gap Games.


As a long term follower of the World Eaters our editor has personal experience of the disappointments that can face the disciples of Khorne…

This collectors edition of the 7th edition Khorne Deamonkin Codex is in pristine condition and shows that it was not out long enough to be used before the hard reset of 8th edition Warhammer 40,000. Worst still the fact that its production number was 1 short of the perfect score!

Talk about the maniacal justice of the dark gods…

Only Khorne knows if Khorne approves!


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