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Unleashing the Warp - Daemons in New40k

Chaos Daemons inhabit the hellish realms of the immaterium and are a force unlike any mortal army.

They can rend the very fabric of reality to assail the galaxy in a wanton carnival of corruption and slaughter. There’s just so much mayhem to pile on your plate!

Today we delve into the world of Chaos Daemons, explore their unique abilities, some fearsome units, devastating weapons, and strategic tactics that should make them a formidable force on the battlefield when June arrives and we’re all playing the next edition of Warhammer 40k.

There’s so much diversity available to a hobbyist looking to collect Chaos Daemons. In fact their’s at least 5 armies in one. And the next edition rules help reinforce and support those who focus their collection on the diverse options of the Dark Gods.

Chaos Daemons are an aggressive faction that thrives in the maelstrom of close combat yet still being a formidable presence at range.

Every unit possesses an invulnerable save. So that renders them impervious to most armor-busting weapons.

Then there’s the army-wide Deep Strike ability. This allows them to emerge from warp portals and engage their enemies before a single shot can be fired at them. With these inherent strengths, Chaos Daemons can establish themselves as a relentless and fearsome force on the battlefield.

The presence of a daemonic legion alone is enough to tear reality at the seams, casting a dread pall across the gaming tabletop.

The Shadow of Chaos empowers Chaos Daemons, weakening their foes and enhancing their own abilities.

By capturing objectives and infusing the battlefield with otherworldly madness, Chaos Daemons can create dangerous no-go zones for their opponents. Daemonic Incursion Detachment allows the opening of Warp Rifts even closer to the enemy, further amplifying their destructive potential.

Baying hordes of lesser warpspawn, under the command of Greater Daemons, epitomize the destructive essence of their Ruinous Power. Each Greater Daemon represents the unique attributes of its progenitor, with the Keeper of Secrets embodying Slaanesh's grace and swift striking prowess.

Among these daemonic figures, Be'lakor, the Dark Master, stands out as a master manipulator and schemer. His power cloaks the battlefield in darkness, corrupting all who draw near and turning even his own daemonic kin into formidable entities. The Blade of Shadows, wielded by Be'lakor, can effortlessly dismantle both man and machine.

Chaos Daemons possess a wide array of deadly melee weapons, granting them devastating power in close combat. The Extra Attacks weapon ability allows these daemonic warriors to unleash a flurry of attacks, taking full advantage of their prehensile appendages, claws, and vile implements. Skarbrand, known for his gruesome beheadings, wields the axes of Slaughter and Carnage, exemplifying the destructive might that daemonic power can bring to bear on the mortal universe.

The Daemonic Incursion Detachment offers several powerful Stratagems that synergize with The Shadow of Chaos, intensifying their strength as realspace weakens.

Daemon generals can create localized squalls of warp-gloom on controlled objectives, further solidifying their dominion over the battlefield and causing significant morale degradation for the enemy. The Corrupt Realspace Stratagem serves as a potent defensive tool, weakening enemy morale and preventing them from retaking captured objectives.

Chaos Daemons, the harbingers of the warp's malevolence, are a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. With their unrivaled ability to rend reality, an army of Chaos Daemons strikes fear into the hearts of mortals and wreaks havoc upon the galaxy. Their invulnerable saves and army-wide Deep Strike ensure that they can unleash their ferocity in close combat, while still maintaining a formidable presence at range. Through their unique faction rules, Chaos Daemons spread the Shadow of Chaos, empowering themselves and weakening their foes. With units led by Greater Daemons and enigmatic figures like Be'lakor, Chaos Daemons epitomize the ruinous power of the Dark Gods.

The arsenal of Chaos Daemons is as diverse as it is devastating. From the Extra Attacks ability that allows them to unleash a flurry of deadly strikes, to the signature weapons wielded by formidable figures like Skarbrand, Chaos Daemons possess the means to dismantle their enemies with unparalleled ferocity. Strategic deployment and the utilization of powerful Stratagems further amplify their capabilities, creating a battlefield where the warp's influence is palpable and mortals find themselves at a disadvantage.

In the hands of a cunning and resourceful commander, a Chaos Daemons army becomes an unstoppable force.

With the ability to create localized squalls of warp-gloom, turn objectives into no-go zones, and sow chaos among enemy ranks, Chaos Daemons dominate the battlefield and leave a trail of corruption and destruction in their wake. Mortals who dare to stand against them face an unforgiving onslaught that blurs the lines between realspace and the immaterium.

Whether you seek to embody the grace of Slaanesh or the raw power of Khorne, Chaos Daemons offer a captivating and formidable faction for Warhammer enthusiasts. The allure of wielding the warp's dark powers and unleashing untold devastation upon your foes is a siren call that draws many to the path of Chaos. Embrace the madness, revel in the destruction, and let the Chaos Daemons be your chosen instruments of ruin.

In the war-torn galaxy, where darkness and corruption abound, Chaos Daemons stand as a testament to the relentless and cataclysmic power of the warp.

They are the embodiment of chaos and an unstoppable force that leaves nothing but annihilation in its wake.

For those who seek to wield the ultimate power, to rend reality itself, and to revel in the unholy symphony of corruption and slaughter, Chaos Daemons offer an unrivaled path to glory. Embrace the immaterium, unleash the daemonic legions, and let chaos reign supreme!

But that’s not all!


The Dark Pact is a ritualistic practice commonly employed by mortal followers of the Dark Gods, particularly Chaos Space Marine warbands who pledge their loyalty to a specific deity.


This pact allows these mortal practitioners to summon daemonic entities to join their Chaos armies, even if these daemons do not possess the same Faction keyword as the chosen army.

However, it's important to note that the summoned daemons will not bring the potent abilities granted by the "Shadow of Chaos" rule, as their Army Faction remains separate from the CHAOS DAEMONS faction.

Under the Daemonic Pact rule, players who have included the Chaos keyword for every model in their army can include LEGIONES DAEMONICA units, regardless of their chosen Faction keyword during army selection.

The number of points allocated for such units depends on the size of the battle being fought, with different limits established for Incursion, Strike Force, and Onslaught battle sizes.

However, it is essential to keep in mind that these summoned daemons cannot be designated as the Warlord of the army, and they are not eligible to receive Enhancements.

By forging a Dark Pact and harnessing the powers of the daemonic realm, mortal followers of Chaos gain access to formidable allies in their quest for domination and corruption.

The strategic inclusion of LEGIONES DAEMONICA units allows for increased versatility and potential synergies within the Chaos army, granting players the opportunity to tailor their forces to the specific powers and preferences of the Dark Gods they serve.

You don’t need to enter a Dark Pact to get your forces of Chaos… click the link to support Arc40k and get all the Hobby and Gaming supplies you need to break out of the immaterium with Gap Games.

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