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Swamp Thangs!

Do you want to make your Nurgle forces look like they’ve stepped out of or into a gaseous pestilent swamp?

Every putrid Nurgle base needs some tenticles, blobs, bubbles and worms…

Here we are looking at ideas for creating themed bases that might take your army to the next level. Themed Bases can set the tone of your army. And nothing says Nurgle than swampy ugliness.

You’ll need some Greenstuff and if you can get one a greenstuff roller will save time and effort in creating all the tentacles and worms you need to make loads of interesting Greeblies. Tentacles coming out of the fetid swamp waters says children of Popa Nurgle are lurking below.

Best of all if you roll a load of balls in various sizes, then once they have cured you can cut them in half and super glue them in place to create bubbles… nothing screams hidden beasts below or gaseous environments than bubbles in your swamp.

Once in place then a liberal paint of some liquid green stuff to fill gaps. You might also make some ripples - these are created by rolling small sausages of green stuff and blending the edges into the base. Once you’ve mastered ripples then splashes and waves are within your grasp.

Painting is a mater of choosing your colours. Tentacles look great in purples and pinks. Although fleshy tentacles look really mad. I’ve gone for a toxic green swamp with fluorescent yellow and green highlights. But sludgy browns would also make a great scheme for a swamp.

Do your Nurgle forces need some putrid bases? It’s as easy as getting some Greenstuff and get rolling,


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