Start the Countdown Clock…

Mark your calendar and block out Saturday 4 & Sunday 5 March 2023 - Arc40k is now locked in and scheduled to be unleashed.

Ark40k is celebrating 25 Years in 2023 so if you don’t want to miss out start planning your time off, holidays, weekend of Warhammer 40k - make whatever excuses or just say: 'it’s Ar40k and I’m going!'

Once again we’ll be taking over the Batman Royale - 14 Gaffney St, Coburg North VIC 3058 

But that’s not all - as this is just the first of many announcements to come as everything starts to ramp up from now… and the team strive to make this the biggest, most exciting Arc40k ever.

In the coming weeks and months we’ll launch a new players pack, including the event schedule, some surprises, and probably the one thing you all want to know about - when tickets become available! 

The Hub of Arc40k - Our Website

The Arc40k website will be the hub for everything you need to know.  Signing up to the site is Free and is your exclusive path to securing a place at our 2023 event when tickets do go on sale.

Hopefully, you’ll have noticed a load more activity from the organising team over the past month - both on the website and across our social media channels.  As we head towards next year we’ve some big plans for the site as we try to be more involved in and be engaged with our community.

Articles you can look forward to in the coming months include those with a Hobby Focus on helping to prepare you in planning and preparing for next year.  Everyone wants to present their best - especially as we celebrate such a huge milestone in our 25 years.

Hopefully we can band together some hobbyists who will document and share their journey in a tale of the road to Arc40k 2023.  It should help provide a roadmap and inspiration to keep motivated for everyone also involved in getting an army ready. 

So look out for more details as we hope to bring articles about how they build, paint and playtest their Arc40k Armies.  

And of course DanTO has a whole load of Rule of Cool ideas he’s keen to put down in words and share with you all.

The mission now has a target of 4&5 March - let’s all start getting busy and getting ready!

Arc40k returns to the Bateman Royale in 2023