Arc40k launches new Painting Event

The team at Arc40k are pleased to announce the launch of the ArcOpen Painting Challenge - an event focusing on celebrating the painting of fantasy and futuristic miniatures.

Painting and presentation of inspiring miniatures has always been an important part of Arc40k weekends, but not everyone who paints plays our game…

So, we’ve launched the ArcOpen. We hope it provides an avenue for those who share our passion for painting fantasy and futuristic miniatures to engage with and be a part of the wider Arc40k community.

We’ve chosen the path of creating an objective rather than a subjective painting competition.

ArcOpen aims to inspire and challenge everyone to improve and invest in working to present their best. Rather than competing against other entrants in a shoot out for a limited number of awards we will recognise attainment of quality and effort.

There are no first, second and third places at the ArcOpen. Instead our judges will use their time to grade achievement - basing their decisions on the standard of the work and in the end which pieces deserve to be recognised as Gold, Silver and Bronze level awards.

As the ArcOpen System is about presenting a level of painting mastery there will be no limit to the number of awards that can be given out. If five miniatures are worthy of the ArcOpen Miniature Painting Gold standard then that’s how many awards we will present

The ArcOpen team also plan to recognise a Event Master - for the Overall Best in Show, a Junior Best in Show, plus, everyone attending the event will be asked to cast their vote just as we do in Arc40k to decide one of Australia's most prestigious awards the People’s Choice for the most popular Army. And because we are part of Australia's Premier Warhammer 40,000 event then there will also be the Arc40k TO's Award for the best 40k entry.

The ArcOpen categories have been selected to focus on three important types of fantasy/futuristic model projects a painter might challenge themselves to undertake. So entries will need to fit one of these broad categories - Single Miniature, Unit, and Large Figure - Character/Vehicle/Monster. Each provide a unique challenge for the painter and we hope to see some amazing work within each of these categories.

The aim is to give a wide variety of options for painters to explore the application of their hobby craft. We hope it makes ArcOpen an event that works to encourage participation by painters of all skill levels as our system is based on the principle that every deserving work should be recognised.

So these are the official ArcOpen 2023 Categories:

Single Miniature

This category is for any single Human-sized fantasy/futuristic miniature mounted on an appropriate sized base. This includes miniatures mounted on creatures or small vehicles. This category is for miniatures up to 40mm scale.


This category is for squads, squadrons, gangs or units of three or more fantasy/futuristic models. This includes miniatures mounted on creatures or small vehicles. The unit may be displayed on an appropriate sized base. This category is for miniatures up to 40mm scale.