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Arc40K inspires my new Journey - Confessions of a NOOB!

The symbol of the Imperium of Man is a double-headed eagle whose left-face looks to the past with eyes open, and whose right-face looks to the future, eyes closed.

Game Changing - Alix and Todd prepare to enter Arc40k

This Imperial Aquila is a fitting analogy for my own journey into Warhammer (40k) - I can see how I got here, but I have no idea where this journey will end up!

Hi, I am Alix and I guess we can call me a complete Warhammer ‘Noob’.

I have only completed an introductory game, played one at 500 points, and then my first attempt at a 1500 point game. It’s currently experiencing an armistice - because it took so long to complete the first turn that we had to abandon the table with hopes of picking it up another day.

Although I am new to playing I feel my journey has been a long time coming.

Like the Imperial Eagle, I have always been enraptured by the imagery of fantasy, mythology, and the supernatural.

So, when 12 year old me walked past a shop touting fantastical worlds with epic battles and magical characters condensed to a table top battle field - I was immediately drawn in. I wanted to play!

It seemed however that the odds were against me. Firstly I was a little girl in a Warhammer store. Everyone thought I was lost!

Secondly, when my ever-supportive mum pushed me to speak up to learn. I became shy. There were no other kids at the store, let alone another female! Still, I pushed through because I wanted to play! We finally found - or rather mum did - someone in the store to teach me.

But then came the biggest hurdle. Alas, it was my biggest fear - my most hated enemy… MATH!

We meet so many people at Arc40k like Murray from Tabletop Time. Everyone was so generous with their time.

At the time I just couldn’t do it. I was too young, too shy, and too mathematically challenged! I contented myself with looking at the pretty models and then quietly slipped out of the store.

Since then, any time I’d walk past a Warhammer store I would always head inside. I would look at the models and tables longingly, then get scared away by the tape-measures, dice and technical terminology. I resigned myself to forever being a spectator!

This all changed when I met my wonderful husband - Todd. My very own beautiful nerd, my sexy game-strategy-aholic, and a Magic the Gathering Master! This patient and determined person somehow managed to teach me the game of Magic The Gathering. I can tell you there were lots of tears and tantrums from me. Especially when it came to learning infinity combos, strategy and yes, the arch enemy - MATH!

I’m now a very proficient player, proud owner of 8 decks, and no longer afraid of basic maths!

July 2023 brought about our wedding - I know not very Warhammer - but one of our groomsmen mentioned he wanted to get into Warhammer 40k. Todd of course jumped at the notion. Together we entered the world of Warhammer.

I soon learned it was more than just a game to play - there was building and painting models, as well as deep interesting lore. I dove into the lore first - as a History teacher this was my jam - I loved it!

I became obsessed with the Emperor of Man. Then, the history of the Horus Heresy pulled me in deeper. When it came time to choose an army, of course the knowledge-seeking Historian in me chose the most Ancient and Egyptian looking army - The Thousand Sons!

Todd was ecstatic meeting Emil and Lukas from Squidmar Miniatures.

Todd bought me my very first models and it was time to paint… The only problem was a lack of Time. I have very little of it!

In five months I had managed to paint just four Rubric Marines. In my defence, I’m extremely picky and slow with my painting skills, and I’m horrible at wasting hours stuck on the internet scroll of doom!

In this same amount of time, Todd had painted more than 70 per cent of his Dark Angels. He had well over 30 games under his belt, and had the Imperial Guard Christmas Box tucked away in his closet.

When we heard about Arc40k we thought it would be great to get involved - maybe I could paint some more of my Thousand Sons. Unfortunately we were too late to book tickets to play. So we grabbed General Admission tickets instead and drove our way to Melbourne to spectate. WOW - what an AWESOME event it was. There were so many players, so many awesome tables, and so many amazing models!

We were like kids in a candy-store. After two hours my face was hurting from having a constant grin on it. We talked with EVERYONE, and every single person was so welcoming and so nice.

Hard not to be inspired when faced with Tabletop Time’s "Titan’s Graveyard" - I want to play on this table next year.

The Tabletop Time team were there as well, keen to say hi and show us the incredible gaming table they built. When Todd ran into Emil and Lukas from Squidmar Miniatures he almost fainted! He showed them his favourite painted model and almost passed out when they complimented his work! He has been beaming ever since!

The whole event was overwhelming! But it also lit a fire of inspiration. And it was then that I told myself I wanted to be a part of this - I wanted to play - I really, really wanted to play!

There was nothing stopping me this time except my own fears. I made myself a promise to return to this awesome event in a years’ time. Not just as a spectator but as a player. This personal promise very quickly became public when I bumped into Dan - unbeknownst to me head Organiser of Arc40k.

I told him that I felt personally attacked by his ‘Paint your Damned Army’ poster and told him as much…

But instead of receiving any sympathy I was questioned about my lethargically slow painting. There was an entire hall of people without much time themselves all with painted armies - what was stopping me?

Challenge accepted! Before I knew it I was openly declaring that not only would I return as a player next year, but I would also come with a fully painted Thousand Sons army!

Todd took photographic proof of my promise - so now there is no backing down. Math, strategy, overcoming time limitations to ‘Paint my Damned Army, here I come!

As I mentioned at the start of this lengthy ramble, I can clearly see the paths that have landed me in my current predicament! An awesome predicament really. And just like the blindfolded half of our Imperial Eagle friend, I have no idea what is in store for me moving forward.

So, I invite you all to come along with me on the rest of my Warhammer Journey! Destination Arc40k 2024


As you can see in her own round about way Alix is the latest hobbyist to accept the ArcArmy Challenge. We’re excited to have her on board to record that journey towards Arc40k 2024 - and add an extra layer of commitment on her limited time. Hopefully with 10th edition on the horizon and the promise of a more streamlined gaming experience - then getting some more games finished might not be as challenging. Join us in welcoming Alix aboard and wishing her luck on her journey.


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