Arcromunda 1: House Wars

The Hive cities of Necromunda have been growing for millennia. They are so vast that the lower regions are constantly being crushed by those levels built on top… and even these are eventually crushed in turn by those being built above.

For those unfortunate enough to be at the bottom of the Underhive the ultimate nightmare is when access ways and transit tubes are crushed, leaving the Domes and people they contain marooned, cut off and ultimately forgotten.

Occasionally when Domes collapse and whole sections of the hive suffer Dome-Quakes, or vast storage tanks burst causing vial effluent floods… those long forgotten areas become accessible once again.

This unexpected boon will often see the unwashed masses flocking to these newly rediscovered Domes seeking their fortune or the favor of Lord Helmawr.

As always when opportunities arise the Gangs of Necromunda are at the forefront of the scrapping, fighting and killing as they stake their claim in the newly found Dome…


Arcromunda is one such Dome!

The narrative of Arcromunda was supported by some amazingly immersive Necromunda Tables.

An Arcromunda event is designed to be a fast paced narrative campaign/tournament in the spirit of Arc40k - where fun gaming and Hobby are King.

For the first ever campaign we saw a field of 12 enter the Dome and battle in the Underhive. Run over two days - Saturday 31 April & Sunday 1 May - Arcromunda was hosted by our major Sponsor the House of War in Ringwood, Melbourne.

It’s a big step for most Necromunda Players to turn up and join in what is outside the comfort of their regular gaming group and take on the many challenges the Underhive might throw at them. Though there were some Arc40k stalwarts within the playing group - so the expectation for the event to be well run and organized were high.

The campaign weekend saw participants fight and build the reputation of their gangs over the two days and we saw some awesome hobby on show throughout.

The Event utilizes a custom campaign rule set. It’s been designed to allow gangs to advance and improve, as well as giving participants the opportunity to use all of their Necromunda models. But even with some differences to regular games the schedule was full - with the program allowing for six full length battles as well as two Raid scenarios.

We saw some epic fights across the weekend. Underdogs toppling gangs with higher reputations, brutal close quarter carnage, and the depths of the dome scoured for loot and exotic booty.

At the end of day One there was even a blind auction, using gang credits to allow the winner’s gang to buy an Ambot, which would join them for fights on day 2! Phil Krin’s Dusk Lillies gang won the auction and had a cool addition to his roster for the rest of the event - and he got to take the model home.

All great things must end. So, as the globes flicker then fade, and the glow of radioactive toxins is all that lights the way home, we were able to find our own winners among those whose efforts deserved recognition.

Arcromunda follows that long event tradition. So at the end of eight games, a Parade of Gangs and seeing fantastically presented gangs slugging it out across fabulously rich gaming environments we found our champions.

Arcromunda 1:House Wars - Results

Spire King - Overall Winner Leigh Tressider - Goliath Arc

Dome Ambassador - Best Sport Samuel ‘Spammy’ Von Hohneck - The Ashgrad Technoclasts

Dome Lord - Best General Sam ‘Panda’ Grant - House of the Righteous

Dome Artisan - Best Presented) Richard ‘Gibbo’ Gibson - The Refused

Helmawr’s Choice - TO’s Choice Shane Saunders - Operation Acid Gambit

The feedback has been extremely positive from the participants at our first event. Everyone had an awesome experience playing games of Necromunda across a whole weekend. The plan now is that every year a new theme and story will provide the background on which each participant can write their Gang’s Story.

Plus we’re already planning for another instalment in the Arcromunda story… If you like what you see, then keep an eye out for further announcements regarding Arcromunda 2 returning later in 2022.

Or better still become part of the community conversation and join our facebook group: Arcromunda


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