New Arc40k Website

Out with the old and in with the new! And no… it’s not Groundhog Day!

As we prepare to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Australia’s Premier Warhammer 40,000 event it’s time for a new look and some amazing new content to raise the bar and move forward with an online presence that communicates with and supports the Arc40k community.

We want everyone to join in as we race towards the biggest milestone for the event so far.

This time around there’s going to be so much more to see and ways to interact with Arc40k and it starts now with our primary online presence.

So thank you for dropping in and taking the time to look around the new and updated website.

The team have kept some features that easily carried over like the Name, a HOME page to launch into other parts of the site, an ABOUT page which explains a bit about what Arc40k is, even a News page with you guessed it all the latest announcements... plus there's links to all our social Media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube.

Under a new heading of Arc40k you'll find that a lot of new as well as archival information has been brought together. Find out about the big things on the new Event Page - the gateway to learning about how and why Arc40k is different to other tournaments as well as how were celebrate, award and venerate our winners.

The new Home Page allows you to launch into the far corners of the new site.

At every event we venerate our Veterans and induct those who have contributed to the event through our Hall of Fame and there will be new pages coming in the future dedicated to help find out more about these people how have played a part in the success of Arc40k.

Next is the GALLERY page. A place where we can show off our collection of Arc photos. Take a look find yourself or someone you know. And if you've pics you'd like to share then get in touch - there's links to follow.

We launch the Arc40k weekend with an inspiring video. So there's a VIDEO page where you can check them and other videos about the event, all in one place.

Search every Year for info, Awards, Results and much more.

Then there's the Results page - the repository of all the information and data about everyone who's competed at an Arc weekend. You'll need to sign up or log into the Website to view this data - it's free so just a matter of filling out your details and an email address. Then you can access players packs, missions and results from across the past 25 years of the event.

The most exciting update is the inclusion of an ARTICLES section. We will now be able to share information, help and advice on everything related to the Arc40k way of hobby.

Our Articles Page will be packed full of ArkHobby, News, and Information.

The team have a vast experience of preparing, creating, playing and organizing for the best Warhammmer 40K event in this country.

Their views, ideas and advice have an avenue to be shared through our new ArcHobby Pages.

So there’s lots of new things to explore and immerse yourself in the new Arc40k website.

However, we’re always looking to record and recognise our history so if you have pictures, videos or have some memorabilia from a past Arc40k event, and can take or share images for us we would love to hear from you.