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A Twisted Sponsor

Twisted the Game joins us as a sponsor and supporter in 2023 of our exciting new Painting Challenge - ArcOpen.

If you didn’t know, Twisted is an Australian-made table top game founded and brought to life by creators Peter and Sebastian.

Twisted is a detailed and immersive skirmish game set in a uniquely interesting Victorian Steampunk world dominated by the power of The Engine - a world-altering device that guides the fate of humanity!

Twisted started as a passion project and thanks to large doses of inspiration, dedication and the collaborative creative talents of Peter and Sabastian has continued to grow and develop since the game originally launched in 2017.

They have worked hard and been personally involved in fostering a community of enthusiasts all eager to explore the possibilities of this amazingly detailed Dickensian Steam-Punk World.

And the range has continued to expand to reveal more of Peter and Sebastian’s Twisted World. They have some awesome miniatures that all play their part in telling the Twisted story.

‘We're very excited to continue exploring the world of Twisted with our fans,’ Sebastian said.

Fellow creator Peter explains that ‘Twisted’s absorbing gameplay and linked story-driven missions create a real emotional connection between you and your characters on the tabletop.’

‘Every Twisted character has an original backstory and distinctive role within the Twisted universe,’ said Peter.

He pointed out that players can ‘take control of a Faction and guide it through our richly-developed environments in detailed and cinematic-style game encounters.’

‘A game of Twisted will have you on the edge of your seat and wanting more,’said Peter.

Inside the starter box there are loads of options for generating missions, assigning hidden tasks, deployment and terrain features to make each game a uniquely Twisted experience.

Plus there’s a 10 mission Narrative campaign. Building an engaging storyline to fully immerse yourself in this Twisted world. And we are lucky enough to have a starter box as part of our Prize pool!

So why has Twisted joined to sponsor the ArcOpen?

Well the two creators of Twisted are painters and Artists of international renown. And the opportunity to support what we all hope is a big addition to the Australian painting community was something they wanted to be a part of.

‘It’s a case of giving in a hope to help support and grow a community that has been rich in accolades and enjoyment for them Sebastian and myself,’ Peter explained.

The team at ArcOpen are also excited and thankful for the support of this major creative endeavour - which has produced a range of fantastic miniatures - we hope we might see a few twisted models painted and entered at the ArcOpen.

If you weren’t aware Peter Is a multiple Golden Demon winner. His first and last winning demons and several others across the time the competition was running were achieved in the Duel Category.

So it’s no surprise that Twisted has a strong focus on the narrative - as Duel is as much about creating a story as painting awesome miniatures - but Peter has a record of knowing how to ask us to consider what happens next. The more compelling the what if the more engaging the display - and he’s a master.

Sebastian Sculpts a Twisted miniature

His partner - Sebastian - is a recognised and diverse artistic powerhouse. His work has won multiple international awards at Golden Demon, Crystal Brush, World Expo. He has also worked as the lead sculptor and artistic director for the Twisted range - as well as created unique sculpted busts for his own Veiled Lamp creative studio. He’s certainly a world renown talent.

So being involved in painting events is certainly a path that the creators of Twisted have walked, it’s a big part of their creative DNA.

That’s a path ArcOpen hopes will inspire and encourage painters of all levels; all ages; of generations past, present, and future - in fact anyone who’s a miniature painting Artists in Australia - we really hope that there’s loads of reasons to embark upon this journey with us all.

With an extensive range of miniatures we certainly won’t be surprised if we see some of the Twisted Range of Minatures painted to enter ArcOpen - now and in the future.

The Twisted miniature range have heaps of detail; the poses are interesting and expressive; the models are extremely characterful - all key factors that allow painters to create eye catching work that can enhance the showcasing of their skill.

To learn more about Twisted - the game and the miniature range - or to secure a miniature to paint for the ArcOpen - checkout their webpage:


Learn to Play with BattleHammer:

If you’re keen to see more about Twister the Game then Straw and Parker from BattleHammer have been playing through the narrative campaign included in the Twisted Rulebook. (You can buy the Twisted Rulebook Box or download the free Twisted digital pdf rules in the Twisted Store!)

As well as having an absorbingly fun storyline, the narrative campaign is designed to teach you to play Twisted step-by-step, by introducing more characters and abilities and Alchemancy as you play through the missions.

Check out the fantastic gameplay videos - more to come!


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