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Things are Moving

Well here we are at Part II of my road to Arc40k 2023 Hobby blog…

(The ArcArmy Challenge - DanTO).

I am happy to report that some more decisions have now been made.

Firstly, it’s been confirmed that we are going for 1350pts…..nice. Old school Arc40k point limit and I have been able to get a cool, thematic, Chaos Knight list squeezed in there.

Painting has progressed or progressing with the painting!

So first of all the visuals and paint.

Following on from my last article - what I did was to get the STL file for the wings on the Tyrant and scale them down 50%. Wings for everyone, that’s the plan.

The other was to choose a colour for the army that would link everything together. The main house colour for my knight household is black, so this became the first hurdle. I wanted something other than black, black armour on miniatures is personally something I find a little dull… Dull to paint and to look at!

Of course your mileage may vary, and in all things, you do you, whatever it is you find cool.

But it also needs to reflect the shadow and darkness aspect of the house I've chosen.

A quick rummage around the paint storage solved the issue.

I found a three quarters full, old hex pot of old GW Midnight blue. Checked and trialed it and the Paint is still good. Awesome… Dark Blue it is then.

A base coat of Runelord Brass with some of the new Garagax Sewer Contrast for the metal 'skeleton' of the model will be a nice frame to hang everything off.

I've also added some freehand details on this knight, representing the watchful eye of Bel'akor, more of that theme that i'll get to coming through, and some runic glyphs to represent the blessing of the Dark master and we are away.

So, which Household?

Well, in my last article we looked at the starting point for the army. Were I kicked off the army working on the Knight Tyrant conversion work.

But I had a lightbulb moment, well a second one really, that I’m sure was a little obvious to close observers out there.

See the big wings on the back… nothing says tyrant than wings!

I put them there purely because I thought it looked a bit memorable and different.

Then I read through the Codex in more detail, and wouldn’t you know, House Korvax. Chaos Infernal Household, traitor members of Imperial House Raven, Ravens have wings, my Knight has wings, bam, light illuminates the inspiration and firms up the theme...

Yes Tim - we can confirm that Ravens have wings - DanTO

So what’s this House Korvax thing all about then?

  • Ooh, Servants of Belakor the Dark Master - that’s neat…

  • It’s all about shadows and darkness - ravens are black as darkness - yes very cool.

  • Chaos Undivided - yeah I’m sold.

Hope you all followed the lights being switched on - but it screamed to me - Let’s do this.

List Building Tim‘s way:

After a few goes at it I ended up settling on a list.

Well it took a bit longer than it should as I was a little held back by some personal limits that I set for the army.

I’m not getting into list nitty gritty here, not the time and place really but roughly this is how it turned out.

Firstly the Tyrant was still going to be my Warlord and he had to be aligned with Chaos Undivided giving him the Blessing of the Dark Master Boon!

This was purely because I was throwing a lot at this model, conversion wise, and it had to be front and centre of the Army. Also, fluff wise, the Warlord of a House Korvax army, in my mind, has to be Chaos Undivided and have the blessing of the Big Boss! So ticks there right?

I then set myself an aim to have one model in the army to represent each of the 4 Chaos marks/boons. This will round out the Chaos-Undivided/Chaos-United feel of the army.

So the reality for the army list is that it will include one War Dog for each Chaos God!

This fits nicely into the points limit with about 20 to spare. That will do I think.

Oh and there’s few theme clichés here - like my Khorne War Dog will be a pure close combat melee machine - a purely shooty variant for my Tzeentch Dog with psychic powers - but hey I’m happy to live with these.

List done - Five Knights - the big one is the Warlord and Undivided, four little ones each representing a different chaos god. And for me, a nicely balanced representation of Chaos United.

I have a more detailed theme bouncing around in my head and there will be more on this to come in other articles.


There’s more to come from Tim’s journey as he grapples with the forces of Chaos and brings harmony to the United Army of Knights as he builds House Korvax.

“Some battles are won with swords and spears, others with quills and ravens.” – George R.R. Martin

So if he can get some quills as well as swords and spears he’s going to have a great chance of winning some battles - but I'm excited to see the next steps to this epic project - Dan TO.


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