Stepping up with Social Media

#arc40k - 1700+ posts on instagram

The launch of the new website is just the beginning. All our Social Media Platforms have had a makeover of some sort or another.

So it’s going to be easier to stay up to date with all the latest news and information on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. As well as here on the Arc40k website.

Whatever way is best for you it’s now better to Follow, Subscribe or Sign up. Plus if you want to be part of the greater community we’re happy to have you join in with your comments, contributions and contact.

All our social media will be linked to the Arc40k website. Some content will load across all our locations automatically. Plus we are hoping to have some specific content appear more regularly.

Here’s just some of the things we have in store:

On Facebook we’re looking to have a monthly post focusing on helping everyone to show and tell the rest of the Arc40k community about your progress in collecting, building, converting, painting and play testing your 2023 army. We hope that you will all be able to appreciate, be inspired by, and can encourage the contributions of everyone involved in these posts.

On Instagram we’ve the popular #arc40k with more than 1700 posts and a load of followers plus you can follow our official account @arc40k. Now, over the years people have added year dates to create a more refined version of the hashtag. Please don't - we follow #arc40k and want everyone to mark their posts with just the one Arc40k related tag. So if you are working on your next army for the 25th year anniversary event in 2023 then we want you to share it and we want as many people as possible to see it. Remember to follow #arc40k and you can share in and see what the rest of the Arc40k community is up to.

We've been on Twitter since 2011...

DanTO will try to say more. It's a bit like having a conversation - unfortunately he's not been talkative enough... chatting starts now!

We don’t regularly produce content but we are looking to be a hub for our Arc40k community. If you like to get your content via Youtube subscribe to Arc40k. And if you’re a Youtuber and you have any Arc40k related content then let us know. We will happily add any relevant content and link to it from the Arc40k page. That way we all share in more of your content.

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