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Rick McKay - Arc40k Clubman

Every year we recognise those people who’s contribution to Arc40k is significant...

In our eyes they are game changers who have made the event greater. These giants of the Arc40k hobby are inducted into our Hall of Fame.

One of these greats is Rick McKay. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2013 for his stalwart support of the event.

As the head of the Ringwood Warhammer Club he was integral in wrangling tables of scenery to the event - without this support the event would have struggled to grow, or had nearly enough great tables to meet player demand.

Plus Rick has attended as a player and achieved Legendary Status for his more than 15 years involvement.

The Cast of Arc40k 2005 - Including Rick Mckay

So, we asked him a few questions about his involvement with Arc40k and his ongoing hobby journey.

How long have you been involved in the Warhammer Hobby?

Since 1998, late 2nd edition and start of 3rd edition with the dreaded Speed Freakers

What was your first experience of Arc40k?

My first experience of Arc40k was in the hallowed upper halls of Collingwood Tech. Here we were indoctrinated by the masterful preachings, Godly orations and sacred incantations of the Great Unclean One - Mark of Nurgle and his cast of fly blown maggot munching War All the Time Heroes.

Absolutely the best of times with the greatest supporting cast of Let’s Play for Fun - roll dice and drink beer with some gaming involved.

What is your most satisfying achievement at Arc40k?

There are many.

We think this is a great achievement - in 2010 Rick Mckay scored the most Battle Points - Gold!

First, there was that stinking hot 40+ degree Friday afternoon in January with TO Dan and Hobby CrusAider Longey as we hauled 80 table boards from the truck into the Collingwood venue. Absolutely exhausting, we got it done and no one noticed. So a friendly reminder, be a helpful moffo, it’s one of the key ingredients that makes Arc40k great.

Second, the Saturday night challenge matches, while the unclean War All the Time matched up against the unworthy from GW; the real battle was upstarts between the awesome warriors from Victoria and the South Australian mongrels. (Rick has very colourful terms of endearment! - HC)

In the queue for to sign in for 2014

This was dice rolling, mini shuffling, beer drinking and rabid insulting taken to a whole new level. Thank you Stu Williams and the SA boys for being great Arc buddies and fun guys!

Third, 2008 winning against Leigh Tresidder and his Orks with crappy 4th editon Grey Knights, all while having a heart attack (LAD look it up).

I ended the day in Intensive Care with more titanium in my ticker and told the survival rate for that event was 15%. That wasn’t the best news, I found out that Leigh lost Arc by a handful of points. How good is that, thanks for letting me win Leigh, you’re a true sport!

What do you like most about attending an Arc40k event weekend?

The VIBE, meeting up with old friends and having fun.

You’ve been involved in championing the Warhammer Hobby through running the Ringwood Warhammer Club, and in the club’s support of Arc40k. What drove your involvement in the Warhammer Gaming community in Melbourne?

I got into 40k when my youngest son started playing. It was a way for us to have time together.

Of course he no longer plays or paints, does drink though.

Which area of your personal Hobby have you pushed yourself to develop because of Arc40K?

At first it was ALL about WINNING, now it is just about having FUN and PAINTING.

What’s the future look like for your ongoing interaction with Arc40k?

My future involvement with Arc40k is difficult to see, age and health will be the key factors.

Can you describe what Arc40k means to you?

This is for everyone - the WINNER is not the one with the most points. The WINNER is the ONE who has the most FUN. BE A WINNER

Rick McKay (Left) alongside Rob Crane both were inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2013


Thanks for reminding both Dan and myself about that torridly sweaty day and those 80 table tops - that was a lifetime ago!

But everyone has to agree that Rick is a veteran of some unique experiences at Arc40k that thankfully he’s lived to tell and retell.

It can’t be said often enough that without being that helpful MOFO on many, many occassions - through giving up personal time to lug tables up stairs, move boxes of club scenery from one end of the city to another, to mustering a group of dedicated gamers to join in the Fun, even surviving a heart attack from beating 3 time champion Leigh Tresidder - Arc40k wouldn’t have had the opportunity to be the monstrously successful event it has continued and grown to become.

Thanks Rick - hopefully you have a less eventful road to the 25th Anniversary Arc40k - we’re looking forward to you joining us all to celebrate the big occasion.



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