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Days of Future Past 2024 


Welcome to Days of Future Past at ArcFest. It is 2 days of Marvel: Crisis Protocol fun! An event of 5 games of Swiss pairing with top of the top players at the end of the weekend being crowned the winner! This is first and foremost a tournament, but that doesn’t mean new players aren’t welcome! You can aim to win AND have a great time with all of your opponents. This is the atmosphere that we’ll be cultivating at Days of Future Past  - it’s a coming together of mates, bringing along fantastic miniatures that are fun to play with and battle against. 

Player Pack 

Our Players Pack is online this year. We can now add more details as they are announced, respond to feedback,  make changes based upon publication releases that arrive before April 2024.

This pack should have everything you need to decide on your involvement. If you need something clarified hit the link below to contact us.

Days of Future Past will be a Challenger Event with one change, we will not be using random Round Times.

Last Edited:  6th October 2023



The ArcFest Schedule will be announced at a later date to avoid time clashes with other events.  Stay Tuned.


Awards & Prizes

1st Overall - Trophy & Prize

2nd Overall - Trophy & Prize

3rd Overall - Trophy & Prize


Last place - Prize (Hopefully some good luck for next time also)


Best Sports (Player Vote) - Trophy & Prize


Painting Awards

Player's Choice Roster - Top 3 (Players Vote)  - Trophy & Prize


Best Large Base Model (Judged Independently) - Trophy & Prize

Best Medium Base Model (Judged Independently) - Trophy & Prize

Best Small Base Model (Judged Independently) - Trophy & Prize

Coolest Table (Player Vote) - Prize

Various other prizes iwill be awarded across the weekend.



What do I need?

Everything you need to play! Bring your models, dice, Character cards, Tactics Cards, Crisis Cards, Measuring widgets and probably some super glue. 


Can I use this cool 3D print instead?

We will be following the ArcFest model policy guidelines which will be released in the coming week. 


Do I need to use fully painted models?

Yes. Although not everyone is like me and loves painting, a painting requirement often gives more tardy painters motivation to get their stuff done. Also I like seeing fully painted models on the tables and it’s my tourney! Of course newer players are free to appeal to the TOs sensibilities if this is your first event and you are very new to the game or hobby. Veterans (I know who you are!) harden up and get your stuff done!

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