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Arc40k 2023 


Welcome to Arc40k 2023 the largest Warhammer 40,000 event in Australia. It is unique  as an event because it aims to celebrate the complete Warhammer Hobby as it presents a challenging gaming experience, yet includes both sportsmanship and balanced - themed - well presented armies.  Each player will need to demonstrate sound tactical decisions and thoughtful unit selections to meet the challenges of bespoke missions before they win any games. 


Arc40k is a celebration of the hobby, there’s an overarching atmosphere overflowing with good cheer and positivity - it’s a coming together of mates, bringing along fantastic armies that are fun to play with and battle against. 

Succeeding in all these areas at this event is challenged by only a few.  In the end, only one will prove worthy and be crowned the Champion for 2023.

Coming along and enjoying the overall experience is the reward we want for all participants. 


Event Essentials 

When: Saturday 4 & Sunday 5 March 2023


Where: The Lieutenant Room, Batman Royale


Public transport options and access: adjacent to Batman Railway Station (Upfield Railway Line) and Tram 19 (Stop on the corner of Sydney Rd and Gaffney St) 90 m walk.



Parking at Batman Station with 270 spaces -  enter the site through a gate at  the fence.

Player Pack 

Our Players Pack is online this year. We can now add more details as they are announced, respond to feedback,  make changes based upon publication releases, faqs or balance sheets that arrive before March 2023.

This pack should have everything you need to decide on your involvement, get started in your preparations and play testing to gauge how your army is developing.  If you need something clarified hit the link below to contact us.

Arc40k Schedule


Saturday 4 March

8.00 am        Registration Opens

8.50 am        Registration Closes

9.00 am        Welcome Ceremony

9.10 am        Round Draw Posted

9.15 am        Round 1 Commences

11.30 pm     Parade Of Armies - Player’s Choice Voting

12.00 pm     Lunch

12.30 pm     Round 2

3.00 pm       Break

3.15 pm       Round 3 

5.30 pm       End of Day 1

Sunday 5 March

8.00 am     Doors Opens

8.50 am     Registration Closes

9.00 am     Round 4

11.15 pm   Lunch

12.00 pm   Round 5

2.00 pm     Break

2.15 pm     Round 6 

5.00 pm     End of Day 2

                      Pack up 

5.30 pm     Awards Ceremony


So -  you’ll play three challenging games of Warhammer 40,000 on each of the two days; join in the Parade of Armies and Vote for Player's Choice on the Saturday Morning; as well as yell out Gold at every tenth place finisher as we count down to our Champion during the Awards Presentation to close out an awesome weekend on Sunday Afternoon.  


Arc40k Army Guidelines: 

  • Build a list up to 1350 points

  • Starting CP is 6

  • Armies must use exactly ONE Arks of Omen detachment and may also include one optional Allied Detachment using the Battle Brothers rules found in the Arks of Omen: Grand Tournament pack.

  • Players may use Armies of Renown. Please note, some Armies of Renown are no longer legal. 

Army Composition 


Armies must be Battle-forged according to the Warhammer 40,000 Core Book and the Strike Force guidelines set out in the Arks of Omen: Grand Tournament pack except where modified by our specific Arc40k Army Guidelines..

Rules to use:

When building your army, use all the Arks of Omen: Grand Tournament pack. Players may use rules found in the following Games Workshop and Forge World publications. (Cut off date for new publications is 25 February 2023, one week before the event*):

  • Codexes

  • Warhammer 40,000 Core Rulebook

  • Campaign Books

  • Forgeworld Imperial Compendium 

  • Chapter Approved*

  • White Dwarf

  • FAQs, errata, and beta rules found via: ​

Also, please note that the Balance Dataslate and Munitorum Field manual published on the Games Workshop website in January 2023 WILL be used at Arc40k 2023.


Army lists you lodge at registration and share with your opponents should be presented in an easy to read format (no more than 2 or 3 pages), including all relevant wargear and unit upgrades, including points costs. You will also need to include which Battlefield Role you have chosen to fill your Compulsory choices in the Arks of Omen detachment.

NOTE: You'll also need to show the Power Levels shown for all your units - there's a mission or two where this will be used.

Tools of War: 

Attendees are expected to bring their army, dice, a tape measure, a pen, all relevant rules publications*, and at least 7 physical copies of their army roster (one to hand in on Registration and give to the Tournament Team and one for each opponent).

If you are using any electronic devices to carry your official rules references, please ensure they are charged and available for reference at all times.


Players also need to bring these extra models so that you have the resources to play some missions:

  • 3 x Objective Markers on 40mm round base

  • 1 x Objective Marker on a 60mm round base

  • 3 x “Non-combatant models”

    • These could be additional basic troop models that are distinct from the ones in your army

    • Players are also encouraged to convert cool looking non-combatants

*In all cases the latest editions for rules, Faqs and Chapter Approved will be used unless otherwise directed. Published on or before Saturday 25 February 2023.

Overall Perpetual.jpg
The Mark Morrison Trophy
Awarded to the player with the highest combined total of Battle, Sportsmanship, Composition, & Army Presentation.
The People's Champion
Awarded to the player with the best painted army as voted by their peers.
PC Perpetual.jpg
Sports Perpetual.jpg
The WATT Award
Awarded to the player with the highest sportsmanship score.
The Executioner
Awarded to the player with the highest Battle score.
Battle Perpetual.jpg


Arc40k is an event that ranks players overall using a totaled Arc40k event score. This score is a combination of the points you accrue across the weekend in Playing for Fun (gaming), Not being that Guy! (sportsmanship), Forged for Fun (army list) and Painting your Army scores (presentation). 

Your gaming score is based on the results of your games, and you can achieve a maximum of 90 points. You can achieve a maximum of  90 points for sportsmanship, and 50 points for army composition and 60 points for army presentation and theme scores combined. 

These scores combine to create your Arc40k event score. Everyone’s position in the event will be determined by their Overall Arc40k Event score. 

The following awards are the pinnacle of our weekend’s activity and are recognised at every Arc40K:

Champion - 'The Mark Morrison Trophy'

Players Choice - 'The People's Champion'

Best Sport - 'The WATT Award'

Best Battle - 'The Executioner' 

Other significant awards we present include:

Top 5 Runners Up Overall

Best Army Presentation

Best Theme

Top 5 Runners-up Battle

Top 5 Runners up Sportsmanship

Top 5 Runners-up Army Presentation

Top 5 Runners-up Players Choice

Highest Placed Guy That Didn’t Win Anything - Exactly as it says

Best N00B - Highest Placed First Year Player

Last Overall - Lowest Combined Score that played 6 Rounds.

GOLD! Every 10th Player - Every tenth place, from last up to 20th

Arc40k Veterans - Veterans of 5, 10, 15, & 20 Arc40k Events will be recognised.

Hall of Fame - Two Legendary Arc40k Participants will be inducted into the Hall of Fame

We also present a range of prizes and awards for fun and funky things - that’s just part of how we run our Awards presentation. 


  • To separate any ties and finalise positions  Overall the following Tiebreakers will apply in the following order: Sportsmanship, Army Composition, Victory Points, Army Presentation.

  • We want to share the prizes around as much as possible. With this in mind, players that win certain awards are ineligible to win others.

  • We rate the Top 5 Overall awards above all others, and so players in the Top 5 Overall are ineligible for the BEST Awards in Sportsmanship, Battle, & Army Presentation.

  • Top 5 Overall players are still eligible for Top 5 Battle, Top 5 Sportsmanship, and Player’s Choice Awards.



Number of Games: Six


Scheduled Game Length:  130 minutes


Board Size: 72" x 48"



In true Arc tradition missions will be  revealed at the event before each round. 


Mission Objectives: 

Each mission will have its  own Primary Objective(s). Players will select three Secondary Objectives from those in the  latest version of Chapter Approved.  


Play For Fun - 90pts


Games of Warhammer 40,000 are decided by who achieves the most Victory Points. So, your overall ‘Play for Fun’ score is directly related to how well you play the mission, and focus on truly being a great general.


Expect to play Six challenging games of Warhammer 40,000. There will be a total of 90 Victory Points available to score for each game.


  • 45 Victory Points can be earned via each Mission’s Primary Objective(s)

  • 45 Victory Points can be earned via the Secondary Objectives each player chooses before each game.


As you play games across the weekend the Victory Points from each game will contribute towards your overall Play For Fun Score.  That score will be the AVERAGE number of Victory Points you scored from each of the 6 games you played across the weekend. 


So winning or losing is less important than seeking to maximise your Battle Score by ensuring you secure all the Victory points you can in every game. Every point scored will increase the average. Your opponent’s score has no bearing on your Play for Fun Score.


The most important rule: If you did not achieve it on the table, you do not score those Victory Points. If the game time runs out before the end of the 5th battle round, only the Victory Points scored up to that point are to be recorded. If one player’s army is wiped out before the start of the 3rd battle round, the game ends immediately, and only the Victory Points already scored are recorded.  Importantly that also means there’s no discussion after time stops working through what might have happened and who would have scored what in turns you didn’t get to play - points aren’t earned on what if’s.   


The long story short is, read the mission, score the points and complete all the game turns to secure all the points you can within the time allocated. 

Gap Games
Play For Fun awards proudly sponsored by  




When filling out ArcScore choose the statement that you feel best represents how your opponent acted during the game.

Don't let the outcome of the game influence what score you give for Sportsmanship.


* I Played That Guy:

It would be best if anyone is facing an opponent they are having difficulties with to come and let a Tournament Organising Team member know.  If we are able to observe what is going on then that will help confirm that they are That Guy!  It’s our job to sort it out after that.

Note: All sports votes are CONFIDENTIAL. 

You could be penalised if you let anyone know how you scored a game


Don’t Be That Guy! - 90pts


Sportsmanship is a cornerstone of the Arc40k tradition. The event is all about having a great time with good mates, a chance to catch up and enjoy the hobby by playing some games. 


Players that come along looking to enjoy a weekend’s worth of hobby immersion, seeking to achieve positive interactions with their opponents, and accepting the results of rolling some dice are the ones walking away with the best memories. We want that to be everyone’s experience!


Ultimately, when the games are over and the dust settles make sure you’re on good terms with your opponent. 


When it’s time to complete ArcScore* at the end of each round, your opponent will be the one scoring you on the sportsmanship displayed across the expanse of the gaming table just as you will be scoring them.


So read all the descriptions and then choose the one which best reflects the game you had.  Arcscore will work out the rest.


Star Player

When you complete game 6 we will also ask you to nominate one of your opponents as the favourite you played against across your Arc40k weekend. This is your Star Player. You may only vote once, and these votes will be used to resolve tied results for Best Sportsmanship.




Forged for Fun:

When filling out Forged for Fun in Arcscore choose the statement that you feel best represents how fun your opponents army was to play. 

When calculating your total Forged for Fun score - the highest and lowest scores will be removed, and substituted by the Average of the remaining 4 scores.

Our advice is the same as how we ask you to score Sportsmanship -  score the Army not the game result.


Forged for Fun - 50pts


Armies that see dissatisfied and disappointed opponents are not what Arc40k is about. Through the Forged for Fun scoring system, your army is marked and that score will impact on your final event standing.


Winning all your games and crushing all your enemies that have stood before you isn’t the ultimate measure of a Champion.  


No one should face units that are unkillable because of stacked traits and stratagems. Equally as poor to play against is an army with so many models that it slows the game considerably. 


Your army will be scored by each of your opponents.


Before you start your game ensure you’ve handed over a copy of your Army List to your opponent and answered any questions about it that they may have.


At the conclusion of each game, they will rate your army on the table below. This won’t give us a categorical answer about the power of your list. 


What we want to gauge is if your army was fun to play against, and in the spirit of Arc40k. 

Not everyone will get your list or it might be the scissors to their paper! We get it. So to ensure the fairest outcome in the final Score for every army we remove both the highest and lowest scores from across your 6 Forged for Fun Scores. 


We then replace these scores with an average of the remaining 4 scores. If you score low in this category, then the majority of opponents thought your army was not Forged for Fun. 




Paint Your Army:

You Pre-Judge and then enter the score for your army via ArcScore.

Painting Judges will confirm your score.

Score Maximum points and nominate for the top 15 to be Judged for bonus points and our top awards.

We endeavour to get great photos of all the Top Armies.  But you can also share your work via the Arc40k Facebook page or on Instagram using #Arc40k



Player’s Choice 

The Player’s Choice Award is a fiercely contested competition all by itself. 

It is one of the most prestigious awards for the Warhammer 40,000 Hobby in Australia. Not because it is judged by a panel of experts but because it is the voted for among all the participants - the Player's Choice! 

Elaborate, Breathtaking, presentations of hobby prowess have become a huge part of the Parade of Armies which launches every Arc40K weekend. The Parade is a time for participants to show off their army at its best - before a single dice is rolled.

There are no points awarded or scores decided during the Parade of Armies. It’s all about immersive hobby presentation at the highest level. So be sure to walk around, take a good look and vote!

We ask that you open the ArcScore app while the Parade of Armies is underway. Once you’ve decided what you believe is the Best Army on Display cast you vote.  Simply choose the player's name  that should be on display next t​o that entry.

Theme Essentials

Creating a theme for your army is about addressing three Questions:

– Where is your Army from in the 40K universe?

– What's it doing right now?

– Why does it fight or what is it fighting for?

How you choose to convey your army's theme is up to you and has up to  14 points available in various ways.

We cap overall Theme at a maximum of 10 Points. This means there's more chance for everyone to present their theme they way they want and be rewarded.

The points will be a guide and the Best Theme will be a subjective choice made by our judges. 


Paint Your Army                                                          


Painting, Presenting and creating a theme for your Army is a significant part of preparing for and participating at an Arc40k weekend.  


We recognise three Best awards for Presentation.  Best Painted, Best Player’s Choice and Best Theme. Your points for Painting and Theme are added together and contribute to your Overall Arc40k Event Score.  So both are important in where you will find yourself on the overall placings.


Painting - 50pts  

This year as always we will have a team of Paint Judges who will complete the process of checking your force against our Army Painting Scorecard. 


We've made it easier for our team to review your efforts and they have more options to choose that will then impact on the points you can accrue towards your total Painting Score. They will be using the following criteria.

Battle Ready Paint - 10 Points

3 colours - Tick this requirement off to earn 10 pts

5 Colours – 10 Points

Every model in my army has five or more colours of paint, shades or washes applied to it. Tick this requirement off to earn 10 points 

Parade Level Painting - 5 points

Tick at least 5 of these off to earn 5 points

Edge Highlights - Multiple stage Highlights - Blending

Shades - Multiple Shades - Glazing -Decals - Painted Decals

Freehand - Weathering - Battle Damage

A single awesome Conversion - Loads of Conversions

Other techniques like OSL

Basic Bases - 4 points

Tick off both of the following to earn 4 points

The Edge of all the bases is the same colour.

There is a texture of some sort that has been added to the base.

Parade Level Bases - 6 points

Tick at least 5 of these off to earn 6 points

Fine Sand - Gravel - Rocks

Rubble - Ruins - Debris

Flooring/tiles -Flock - Multiple flocks used

Pigment Powders - Poured Resin — clear or cloudy

Plants - Other Bitz not mentioned above

Army Cohesion - 5pts

It looks like an army when it is out on display

  • More than a collection of colourful figures

  • You can tell units apart, but it still says team.

  • I’ve use the same colours on models and bases

  • The same patterns, numbers, conversions, or something is consistent across my models

Display Board - 3 points

I’ve made some effort to create a thematic display to go with my army.  Regardless of size or level of lavish effort if you have a display board to display your army.

Some time shortly after your army has been checked your score will be made available via Arcscore. 

Top 15 Armies

By making an effort in preparing and presenting an army everyone can score 43 points for Army Presentation.  Our Painting Judges will confirm players' self assessments so if you haven’t got it on 75% of the models in your army then don’t tick the box.

The best armies will earn extra points for demonstration of exceptional talent, skill and hobby mastery. If you scored 43 points and you think you have brought that extra level in skill, creativity, or effort, and believe your army should be considered for the Top 15 Best Painted Armies then tick that box on Arcscore.


Our Judges will choose and place the top 15 Armies; this is entirely subjective. Placed armies will then earn bonus points:

1-5         will earn a bonus 7 points for extra/outstanding skill or effort

6-10       will earn a bonus 5 points for extra/outstanding skill or effort

11-15     will earn a bonus 3 points for extra/outstanding skill or effort


Army Theme - 10pts

If you’re a truly immersive hobbyist you’ll be looking for your army to be more than a collection of painted miniatures that are put down and moved about the battlefield.   

There are those of us who believe a Arc40k army is at its best when it also strives to tell a story. 

That’s why we reward Arc40k participants who take that extra step and create a theme for their army - and then use it to create a narrative for everything they do.  

We’re talking about a background or story that influences everything that goes into how you choose what’s in and out of your list, convert and build the models, the scheme and how you paint them, and finally your choice of the display on which they stand and fight.

Here’s how we will reward participants for the theme they use in creating their army.  You can score a maximum of 10 points for theme - but we’ve given you a load of different ways to be acknowledged for your application of a theme:


Presenting a Theme  -  3 points

You’ve created a fancy looking list or presentation of your army list that is on display during the Player’s Choice Presentation. Heroes have names Units are identified and the list is there for everyone to see. There is some kind of imagery on the list.

Forged to the theme - 2 points

The choices made in your army where influenced by your theme? 

Units, characters, detachments have been chosen because of that theme.

This is about what you’ve chosen in your list. Like not including non-veteran units in an Ultramarines First Company, or not including any Grav vehicles in your Salamanders, Scouts and Reivers in a 10th company marine army…

You’ll need to explain the why in your army list - it’s not our job to guess!


Fabricated to theme - 3 points 

Does the way you’ve painted/modelled your army help tell the story of your theme?

This might include the correct company colours on your Space Marines, Tyranid trophies on your Orks from the Octarius War, or even extensive weathering on your underequipped Astra Militarum soldiers. It could also include the bases your models are on, and a display board that shows a scene from the story you’re telling.

Again this needs to be supported with some text/copy/words explaining that in your army list when it’s lodged at registration.


Forging the Narrative - 2 points

Have you put some words together to explain something about your army and its background?  Have you told us

– Where are they from in the 40K universe?

– What are they doing right now?

– Why do they fight or what are they fighting for?

We’re not looking for Black Library level material, just tell us a little of the background of your army. As long as anyone reading it can quickly get a feel for what makes your army special.

Living the Theme - 4 points

Have you gone above and beyond the call of duty in the name of your theme?

There are no limits to your creativity in adhering to and demonstrating your theme. 

Have you made a full sized chapter banner, or relic weapon for your chapter? Maybe you’ve written out your own Book of Lorgar, or you’ve come dressed as a Kelermorph. Perhaps your army list is engraved in ‘wraithbone,’ or you’ve put together a cool animation that shows your Warboss doing what he does best: krumpin’ heads.

In short, what we’re saying is ‘blow our socks off!’ 

We’re likely to choose our Best Theme winner from among those who score more points than we can actually add to their overall score.  But that’s what theme is all about.   





Every year we ask for a little help from players who have terrain in their garage or at home that they are willing to bring along to contribute to the event. 


This year will be no different. However, to show our appreciation and the value of contributing a table worth of scenery we'll even put you all in a draw to win a prize!


If you can bring along an awesome table of terrain then please get in contact by clicking the Pledge Terrain button and completing the form.


Thank You in Advance!


Other Important Information:


Each year we recognise players who have attended 5, 10, 15, & 20 Arc40k events. These players throughout the history of the event, form the cornerstone of the Arc40k community.


Veterans are honoured with a certificate signifying their contribution to the history of the event.


Plus in subsequent years they are eligible for a pre-sale ticket prior to general ticket sales at future Arc40k Events. Veteran registration for 2023 is by signing up to


Code of Conduct

Behaviour such as bullying, rules abuse, moving models illegally, picking up dice before your opponent has the chance to see the results, lying to judges or opponents, or any other form of unethical or inappropriate conduct can result in substantial in-game penalties, automatic losses being called, permanent removal of parts of your army for the duration of the event, or removal from the event itself.


What you could lose Arc40k points for:

  • Late Arrival & Registration

To ensure that the event runs on time, it is vitally important to have all players present and ready to go on time.  Players who arrive late (after 9am) without informing the TO will be penalised 10 Points.

  • Being caught playing with an illegal list. Will result in loosening points and may result in disqualification, and/or being asked to leave.

  • Late scores - your scores may not be accepted if they are submitted more than 8 minutes after time is called. It takes time to process and check the draw before each round can start.  Late scores impact on everyone - Don’t be Late

  • Any of the following is considered unacceptable behaviour. If found doing any of these, you will be asked to cease, and may face penalties.

    • Using Recast Models

    • Using Illegally downloaded Rulebooks, or Codex PDF’s.

    • Drinking Alcohol

    • Sharing your Sportsmanship scoring

    • Not complying with any COVID restrictions in place. 


Modeling and Painting

Playing exciting, atmospheric games with finely detailed, painted miniatures is intrinsic to the Warhammer experience. With this in mind, all miniatures in your collection must be Games Workshop or Forge World miniatures (excluding basing or scratch-built components), and be fully assembled and painted to at least a Battle Ready standard. 

Each model must accurately represent its entry on your army roster (What You See Is What You Get - WYSIWYG). So all models must be easily and reasonably identified by your opponents. Please don’t bring a ‘Counts As’ army or units. For example, if your army includes a Space Marine equipped with a Meltagun, the model must be a Space Marine equipped with a Meltagun. Equipment such as Frag Grenades that are included on every model within a unit, but not included on every model of that type, need not be modeled.

3D Printed Models/Pieces

3D printed parts can be added to enhance the model - personalizing it. Muzzle blasts, shields, heads shoulder pads can all be added to help tell the story of you army. Fully 3D printed models are considered ‘count’s as’ and therefor we ask players not to bring them to avoid confusion. Further, we will not allow any 3D printed models that perceive to infringe on any company’s intellectual property.   

For any 3D printed pieces, you must seek permission from the Tournament organisers - including photos of the models in question where possible, at least three weeks before the event - built earlier or WIP is preferable so we can work with you to realize your dream and still be fair on your opponents.

Converted Models/Units

Many players “scratch build” or heavily convert elements of their model collection, and these activities are a hallowed part of the Arc40k tradition.

For the sake of fairness, any conversion should be comparable in size to the most current version of the model they represent. You may not gain a benefit from converted models, but may incur penalties. Any disadvantages are by your own choice entirely.

For any converted or scratch built models, you must seek permission from the Tournament organisers - including photos of the models in question where possible, at least three weeks before the event - built earlier or WIP is preferable so we can work with you to realize your dream and still be fair on your opponents.

If you do not obtain permission for conversions before this date, you run the risk of them being removed from play, or possibly incurring score penalties.

A Note on Basing: Many models are no longer produced on the bases they originally came with. Wherever possible, base your models according to their current boxed kit.

As with other exceptions, if you wish to have a model reviewed, please email:

COVID Protocols 

While the pandemic is behind us, the event will be conducted subject to any government COVID-safe rules and guidelines in effect on the day of the event. 


Interstate Travellers!

While we love our interstate travellers, and want to see them return to the event each year. Arc40k is not accountable for travel, accommodation or any other costs incurred by anyone in attending Arc40k or in the event of a postponement, cancellation, sickness, border closure or other event that may prevent a player from attending. We strongly recommend checking the cancellation or rescheduling policies for any travel and accommodation to ensure you can attend the 2023 event without incurring unexpected costs. 

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