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ArcHobby Hall Update - ArcOpen 2024

Who’s getting ready for a weekend full of fun, creativity and artistic inspiration at the upcoming ArcOpen, set to take place on April 27& 28 Sandown Race Course, Victoria.

One of the key features we are hoping to encourage at the event is a relaxed community atmosphere. The entire second floor in the Sandown Commitee Rooms will host the ArcHobby Hall.  There will be a range of hobby related things to see and do - including ArcOpen.

So once you’ve registered to enter via the main entrance you can head up the escalators and follow the signs. To enter the venue you’ll need to have printed out or be able to show your digital ticket.  There will be an event badge with your name on it waiting for you.  

Please wear it as it gives you access to all areas of the ArcFest - you are literally free to go and see everything that’s going on.  Be sure not to miss the Parade of Armies scheduled for Saturday from 8.45 am across the tournament arena on the ground level.  

You can view the epic forces staged before the weekend of Battles commence.  Most of the events will include a vote for the coveted Player’s Choice Award for the most popular army selected by the participants.

Parades will finish around 9.30am and all the tournaments will be getting underway.  The second floor will be open for entry from 9.00 am and you can check out all the activity that’s going on there in our ArcHobby Hall.  

Studio d’Arc will have a significant number of tables and chairs set up to allow people to hangout and chill across the ArcFest weekend. Simply secure a spce by talking to the hosts from the Melbourne Figure Painter’s Collective. 

We are hoping participants can enjoy this space to paint, play games or hang out and chat with other members of the community - miniature display painters and other hobbyists alike. MFPC are hoping to host an area where every ArcFest attendee can interact and relax - how you use it - is up to you. 

Armypainter will also have a stand set up ready to showcase their wide range of paint and painting accessories. And ArcFest participants will also be able to get involved in some interactive activities hosted by the Armypainter team.  

Across the weekend they will be running paint and take sessions where you can sit down and paint a miniature using Army Painter paints. There will also be some speed painting sessions - check out the schedule that will be posted up on the day.  

If you have a spot and your painting tools set up for Studio d’Arc then you might consider joining in the 24 hour Painting Challenge.  There will be an entry fee payable at the stand - but once you’ve grabbed the model you’ll have 24 hours to paint and present it back at ArcFest.

Iwata will also have a presence in the ArcHobby Hall. Stacy from Iwata will be there to demonstrate airbrush operation and maintenance. 

Plus an Artwork - using the airbrush will be worked on across the weekend - we’re keen to see what he paints.

Victoria Lamb will also have her own interactive set up at ArcFest. A long term sponsor and supporter of Arc40k and ArcOpen Judge returns for a second year in person to our event. Victoria had a fantastic time interacting with the community and her many customers.

For 2024 she's returning with a display of her range of Victoria Miniatures. A chance to see her models in the flesh rather than online or via images will be part of Vic's display area. She's keen to hang out and hobby, painting and chatting - when she's not undertaking judging obligations for ArcOpen and other events across the weekend.

If you're heading to Arcfest a chance to chat and see Victoria Lamb surrounded and immersed in her own range of miniatures is a treat for everyone to enjoy at this year's event.


ArcOpen’s major sponsor will also be on deck at Arcfest to show off the artistry and skill of their business.


Adddikted to Ink owner, Mitch, and some of his team will be tattooing and talking about their studio with anyone interested in all things ink.

Maybe you can celebrate your win at this year’s ArcFest with some new ink!

Mitch recently traveled to Europe to be part of a YouTube video with Emil and Lukas from Squidmar miniatures. We’re sure he’d be thrilled to talk about miniature painting as much as he’ll be happy to talk about Addikted to Ink.

We’ve trilled to have them onboard and an added attraction to the ArcHobby Hall.

The creator's of what can be accounted for as the undisputed most Titanic of event gaming tables return to ArcFest. You can find the journey to last year's event on their Youtube channel:

This year they are looking to hangout and Hobby in the ArcHobby Hall. So drop by the TTtime table - chat to the team - and find out what they have planned for their upcoming Hobby projects.

Can you inspire them with ideas for their next YouTube video?

When the clock turns to 10.00am it’s time to commence  taking  ArcOpen entries. It’s just a matter of heading over to the registration desk.  Let us load some information into our database, like the number we give each entry and a title for each one, and then move over to have the models photographed.  

You’ll be given the option to follow and be responsible for handling your models through this process - or hand them over to the team who will ensure they make their way onto the display area for viewing throughout the event.

Rather than feeling rushed and hurried to register your entries, the ArcOpen will be accepting and processing entries from 10am to 6pm on Saturday.

We’re hoping to manage a steady flow of entries across the day.  That’s why ArcOpen and Studio d’Arc will be situated close to each other.

You can hang out in the Sudio while waiting for the best time to unpack and enter those models you’ve worked on to enter. The Studio d’Arc area is included as part of every ArcFest ticket. 

Once your models are registered, it will be photographed and displayed in the appropriate category display area. 

Entrants can feel confident that their entries are in the best hands as they have the choice to handle and convey their models from registration to photography, and then onto display, if they wish. 

This hands-on approach for the registration to display process is, we hope, a great way for everyone to feel their work is being looked after and respected.

Oh and there will be times - Lunch Time is one of them - where entrants from the tournament will be trying to get their entries handed over. They have limited breaks throughout Saturday so if you are just entering ArcOpen please try and get your pieces processed before 12 noon and After 2.00pm.  

We're hoping to provide a weekend full of inspiration, viewing awesomely painted miniatures - arguably the best in this country - we‘re look forward to seeing everyone's entries. 

ArcHobby Hall Schedule

Saturday 27 April

9.00 am    ArcHobby Hall Opens


10.00 am    ArcOpen 

Sign in, registration and miniature photography commences The display of entrants builds.

5.00 pm    ArcHobby Hall activities finish for day

ArcOpen - Entries accepted

6.00 pm    Close

Sunday 28 April

9.00 am     ArcHobby Hall Opens 

ArcOpen - last chance to enter

9.40 am    ArcOpen Entry Registration closed

9.45 am    Open Judging

Medals and Commended Awards chosen

12.30 pm    Best in Show Judging

12.30 pm    ArcOpen Medalists on display 

2.30 pm    People’s Choice Voting closes

3.15 pm     ArcOpen Awards Ceremony

3.45 pm    Model Pick Up and breakdown

5.00 pm     ArcHobby Hall Closed

Remember, the ArcOpen is an opportunity to share your passion for the hobby and meet like-minded individuals. It's a great way to learn from the best and make new friends, all while enjoying a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

We can't wait to see you at the ArcOpen


Did you know that Arc40k is an affiliate for Gap Games? That's right! By purchasing your miniatures and accessories through our unique link, you'll be supporting our website and event. Your purchase allows us to create an even better experience for our community. We appreciate your support!



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