What to do with the Time that is given us?

Time… it’s impossible to make more and it’s important to use it well.

Thanks for choosing to spend your time being part of and hopefully when the time comes the event weekend next year. Your time is important to us.

When looking to create a schedule that best celebrates 25 years of Arc40k the team have been looking hard at all the things we need to do and all the ways we can make best use of that time you will give us.

There’s a legacy that has been given and it falls to us to see that the key values of Play for Fun, Paint your Army, Don’t be that Guy and Forge it for Fun, need to be the focus of the experience of every Arc40k - but most importantly for this special occasion.

There’s some things that have been with Arc since the beginning and others that have been added along the way.

Every year since the first weekend participants have played six games. It’s been at the heart of building the mateships and fellowships between the event and the playing group. It’s also the longest standing tradition. So for our 25 year anniversary we weren’t about to change the key component of Play for Fun.

Plus with an expected massive turnout the job of finding a champion is made easier - it’s a matter of getting the best data.

Parade of Armies on the Saturday Morning has become the premier pageant of armies in this country. Nowhere else will you find such a quietly fierce battle. With more players bringing their A-grade hobby and lavishing more effort on their armies and presentation boards. Some of who coming to the event almost exclusively for this challenge.

Its time and timing in the schedule are important to a large part of the field. So it’s a given and many will be striving for more but Paint Your Army is a box everyone can tick.

Did we mention that this is a milestone for Arc40k? There’s likely to be some other important moments where we will be looking to acknowledge or revisit some other traditions… like that old shirt you love but can’t quite fit into - well they’ll need to be squeezed into the schedule. There may even be some extra awards and presentations likely to be added to the awards ceremony.

Oh and with such a milestone - we’ve mentioned that it’s the celebration of the event’s 25 years - you can be sure there will be people looking and thinking about coming along. Signing up to play for the nostalgia of catching up with mates and joining in the community.

So let’s get to the news within this article. A major talking point so far this year behind the scenes has been the points limit. With no more time we want to ensure that the games played at the event can be fairly completed in the time that we have.

A growing number of people struggled to complete games over the past couple of events. That’s not the right outcome! People come to Arc40k to play some games and have some fun. An uncompleted game or several isn’t the best way to enjoy a weekend of Warhammer 40K.

The schedule can’t stretch there is no more time available for each of the six games - even half an hour would add 3 hours to the schedule…

So for Arc40k in 2023 we will draw upon our rich history, revive one of our traditions, as well as staying true to keeping. focused on helping everyone Forging it for Fun - we will return to a 1350 pts army limit.

Shocked? Surprised? Some people will be.

But the lower points will help more players complete games in the allotted time.

It will allow players to enjoy their experience a whole lot more. Everyone should be able to indulge in the moment of just being at Arc40k playing Warhammer for a weekend.