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Arc40k is an event like no other... 

It's put together each year by a dedicated group of people working to ensure the legacy of past organisers, and the key principles under which the event was established, remain at the core in bringing players together year after year.

Arc40k is a weekend with a focus on playing fun games of Warhammer 40,000.   But it's also a celebration of the best hobby skills, outstanding sporting behaviour and great armies. 

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Codex: Fez

If a 40K codex contains rules for playing an army on the tabletop, then Codex Fez covers how participants are expected to go about playing and enjoying the hobby together at Arc40k. The Fez symbolizes one of those historical aspect of Arc40k. It was a prop used to designate and recognise organisers from players - if you needed to ask a question then you asked someone wearing a Fez - and was even incorporated into the logo for a period to time.

The four key areas covered by Codex Fez relate to how the event is scored and against which every participant will be measured:  Game Play, Sportsmanship, Army Presentation and Army Composition. It’s worth getting familiar with them:

Play for Fun


Three words that mean so much and make such an impact on the overall experience of playing in an event like Arc40k.


Taking models that are fun to play with and against, applying the rule of cool, it’s all about considering your opponents and that’s a key part of the Arc40K experience.

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Don't Be That Guy


We all show up to have fun and engage with others across a weekend of participating in a hobby we love.


That shouldn't be ruined by someone across the table who doesn't make it fun! Winning is just one part of playing in the game.

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Paint Your Army


Arc40k comes alive when lavishly painted armies are on display to inspire, motivate and challenge everyone to achieve their best for every hobby project. 


Our Parade of Armies is a highlight of the weekend. Plus we all know painted models perform better on the battlefield.

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Forged For Fun


Participants at Arc40k don’t follow a ‘meta’ or download internet ‘power lists’. In most cases they’re not enjoyable to play against.


Seasoned Arc40k Veterans take models that are fun to play with, represent the rule of cool, and build lists that are considerate of their opponents. That’s Forged for Fun and that’s a key part of the Arc40K experience.

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Arc40k Recognises Everyone's Effort..

Celebrating Success

Arc40k Event Weekends  focus on finding Champions - overall and for each of our key Codex Fez areas - then we recognise

achievement and celebrate success.

At the end of  an Event Weekend we usually see a long list of worthy Award recipients joining in the Presentation Ceremony which wraps up an Arc40k.  Everyone’s achievements are acknowledged during the countdown to first - Yes every Place and every Name is called out -  along the way every tenth place getter wins a prize - Gold! 

Involvement is also recognised with Awards like the Best Noob - an award presented at the end of each event for the highest placed first time Arc40k player.  Then, there’s Major Awards for Presentation, Painting, and Sportsmanship. Plus, over the years the last place player has been recognised in many fun and unusual ways…

Venerating Veterans

There’s a Roll of Honor which grows 

annually, when players attend their fifth Arc40k weekend, and are recognized in our Veteran Awards Program.

The record shows more than 475 players have completed the milestone Five Year Tour of Duty which secures their place on the Roll of Veterans.

Being recognised as an Arc40k Veteran has it’s own rewards.  Each 5 year milestone is commemorated with the presentation of a new Tour of Duty certificate. We regularly present awards for  Five, Ten, Fifteen and recently Twenty Years of event attendance.

Also, once you’ve achieved Veteran status you’ll be rewarded with early ticket access. If you keep coming back then we want to help ensure you can secure a place at any future Arc40k weekends you want to attend.

Hall of Fame

Without their contribution, Arc40k would not be the event it is today... these are the Heroes who've been elevated to Legendary Status in the Hall of Fame.


The many factors that have come together to elevate Arc40k to where it is the best event it can possibly be, is the result of a huge number of people - starting with everyone who  signs up to play.  But  dare we say it, Arc40k owes its existance, to the efforts of some extraordinary blokes. 

The Hall of Fame recognises these people, ones who’s contribution to the success of the event has been significant… can we say they are the game changes of Arc40k!  

Ultimately, the best way to honour their involvement, and recognise the contribution they have made,  is to induct these giants of the Arc40k event into our Hall of Fame.

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