Codex: Fez

Codex: Fez

In 2011, the organisers of Arc40k solidified the key values that the event had been running on since its inception in 1998 into what would be dubbed ‘Codex: Fez’. A name taken from the individual rulebooks for armies used in the very game run at the event, and the European hat that the organizers of the time wore to identify themselves in the maze of rooms that was Collingwood College.

The 3 Rules as written:

Play for Fun!

Its why we are here right? To have fun. But these 3 words mean so much more. It starts months out when deciding on an army list. Do you follow unsociable ‘meta’? Do you download the stock ‘power list’ for your codex? Or.. do you take the models you think are fun to play with and against? Do you follow the rule of cool above all else? This is the essence of playing for fun, not just considering what will smash your opponents the most, but by considering your opponents also.

Paint your Damn Army!

Why? Because playing against an opponent with a painted army and having put in the effort of painting your own army to a high standard makes gaming in this hobby so much more satisfying. The event comes alive with lavishly painted armies across all the codices. And… most importantly, don’t painted models perform better on the tabletop?

Don’t be a Prick!

All player’s enjoy the Warhammer 40,000 game, lore and models. It’s what we all have in common. We all show up to have fun and engage in a weekend of indulging in that hobby we love, so let’s not ruin it by acting like pricks. A word to the wise, those that come along and enjoy their hobby and interaction across the table quite often walk away with more sportsmanship points. From our point of view, winning is just one part of the hobby.

In 2012, a 4th was officially added to compliment the original 3.

Be a Good Winner.

Being gracious in victory is just as important as being gracious in defeat, we don’t have cots to throw our toys out of. We most definitely are not playing for sheep stations, or money. When the games are over and the dust settles make sure your on good terms with your opponent. This event has spawned many life long friendships, most of them began with someone being on the wrong side of being tabled.

These 4 rules have continued to be the cornerstone of what Arc40k is all about. They match up quite nicely to the 4 main scoring areas of the event, Sportsmanship, Gameplay, Composition, & Presentation. This also ensures that each year the focus is on player experience and participation.